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  1. I really hope they're just co-workers... But I have to say that it's hinted they have had a... relationship... in the past.
  2. Thanks for replying The links really give errors (they work for me...)? I'll try to fix them...
  3. ^Don't... umm... triple-post... You only need to press the 'post' button once... please
  4. ^One word of advice... We only get a limited amount of upload space (I think it was 500mb), so after a few uploads, you may find that using links is easier. Just upload the image on another website and copy the image URL. But then, it's just one of my random tips!
  5. A friend once dared me to come up with an anime that was longer than Fullmetal Alchemist... That was when she was introduced to DC...

  6. Did you use charcoal for this? It's incredible... I especially like the Ai one (but I may be biased). I hope you can update this thread with your other drawings. It's really true to Gosho's drawing style. I'm sorry and please don't murder me but I've never watched Fullmetal Alchemist (My friends watch it and dared me to bring up an anime which had a higher episode count- they did not see what was coming), but I can see that you spent time on that drawing. A '+1' from me and don't abandon this thread because your drawings are amazing
  7. Even if that happened, Gin's still a bad guy. I would doubt them just hitting Shinichi and running away... They more likely to 'dispose' of him T^T. WOW... The Conan logo's a bit different but... WOW. Compiling all those scenes must be hard... *thumbs up* I can't find a word to describe it. In my opinion, I think Gosho's planning a bigger climax and eventually reach the 'happy ending'.
  8. *applauds to the people above me and sits among the spectators*
  9. Movie 11... You probably know the reason. And probably Movie 16, but I don't dislike it just as much. Other than that, the movies are pretty great!
  10. To be optimistic or pessimistic?

    1. nis-aihara


      Optimistic of course! :D

    2. A.Haibara


      YAY!!! But did you know that pessimists tend to have a longer life? Despite that, TEAM OPTIMISTIC!

    3. The Banana Paladin
  11. Hi!!! You will hopefully not regret coming here. Everyone here should love DC. I definitely do... Especially Haibara moments
  12. Everyone can be friends! YAY! Plus you might not want to use your actual name... Other than that, welcome! I'm your local Ai Haibara and ShinRan fan
  13. ^Really? AI-CHAN!!! My other favourite is Shinichi/ Conan-kun Welcome! Nice to meet you, Archibald Haddock! Since you created this account for posting, keep posting and stay active. Your account will get lonely if you don't.
  14. Ai-chan :3! I've always wondered what she sounds like when she speaks English, Gosho should make her speak English too! The story was really good, I loved the ending!
  15. Started watching in 2006, stopped in 2009. Restarted this year... So 3 and a half!
  16. ^ T^T I know... But maybe the APTX4869 is an actual drug that can reverse aging so Gosho shall continue DC with the help of it!
  17. ALL OF THEM!!! Although the cases aren't the best, but character development!
  18. A.Haibara

    Yukiko Kudo

    I guess she is a bit suspicious... But then she's pretty hyper for a oba-san . And she isn't the smartest person... Other than that, basically what User 4869 said. She also knows Conan is Conan. Besides, if Shinichi's log was in the 'People who had taken the APTX4869 book', she would act against it somehow, right? She is his mother... Also, wouldn't Yusaku have figured out her secret identity?
  19. My latest drawing- Ayumi and Ai... Hehe Ai isn't that good... -A.Haibara Another drawing of ShinRan... The original is taken from 'Shinichi Kudo's Childhood Adventure'. -A.Haibara
  20. ^ OVA9 was the closest I ever got on that! Apparently it's a 'floating timeline'. Although I do recall Conan and Heiji talking about cases they have solved in the previous month in episode 490. Conan said he had solved 7 cases that month... And if we were to calculate that: So let's assume that Conan solved an average of 7 cases per month. There are approximately 700 cases in DC, so 700 divided by 7 is 100. That means 100 months have passed. Convert that into years and we get 8 years and 4 months. If the above calculations are correct, 8 years and 4 months have passed since Shinichi changed into Conan, so Conan should actually be 15 years old by now (I'm going by the anime age).
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