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  1. Favorite Opening: Answer opening 50 Favorite Ending: Kimi to Koi no Mama de Owarenai Itsumo Yume no Mama ja Irarenai Closing 59
  2. The most recent anime I have watched is The Ancient Magus' Bride
  3. 1. Detective conan I love the plot and even though it has a lot of filler I just love the cases and I feel like you can learn some stuff from Japan that you don't expect to learn 2. Saiki It's a comedy I like and it is my favorite comedy 3. Love is war Another comedy that I love and the fact that they are so stubborn to admit they like each other. 4. Akatsuki no Yona I love how it shows how oblivious Yona is about her kingdom and afterwards is taking it seriously and the fact that even though she was spoiled she is very sharp and observant about what's really going on out of her kingdom 5. Skip Beat I love how she is getting revenge and the fact that she does really well in acting and how she lost the feeling of love, but is developing that love once again.
  4. Ran because she is waiting for Shinichi for so long and I am not saying Haibara should be alone I feel like she deserves someone way better than Shinichi because she really deserves it.
  5. I wholeheartedly agree with you with all of this and there's probably more, but like my goodness this actually can be real life as well. It's really dumb reason to kill people because of these reasons. Just like Heiji said Humans are suspicious and jealous creatures.
  6. I am pretty positive that it was Mai Kuraki
  7. I would say yes. I think she won't admit it because she knows that he is in love with Ran Mouri. She clearly understood that in episode 270 when he said "If I said how I feel about her, she would miss me even more... All this time, I've been breaking her heart by keeping her waiting, yet I still can't appear before her eyes. I never want to see her cry anymore, even if it means I no longer exist in her heart. How immature of me, right?" She knew if she confess that he would just tell her that he's in love with Ran. Well that's just my opinion of how she views it. I hope that helps answer your question. ^-^
  8. I am new here and a huge fan of Detective Conan. I am hoping to get to know you all. Have a nice wonderful day! ^-^
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