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  1. Because that would be giving us too much fluff ;___; obviously!
  2. From Beika Street forums (Tuntun): Titre : Détective Conan - Gôka no Himawari (Le Torrent de Feu de Tournesol) Sortie : 18 avril 2015 Réalisateur : Kôbun Shizuno Scénario : Takeharu Sakurai
  3. If it's a "black phantom thief" it could very well be Chat Noir again~ I wouldn't mind seeing that. Especially if Hakuba is involved.
  4. Happy Birthday!!! Keep on scanlating for us poor folk that have no manga in our countries T^T *salutes*

  5. FYI, the spoiler pics came from the Beika-street forum, posted by Tuntun.
  6. I don't know if he's going to make it a major case but I do think it's about time Rena's loyalty to the Black Organization come up as an issue again, especially with Amuro's recent inquiry. I don't think we'll get too many revelations or lose ends tied up. While the last Rena Resolution came out to 14 files altogether, I do think this one will be a lot longer, if just for the sake of length and not too much action. It really also depends on how Gosho feels about wrapping things up too. I can only hope the recent breaks have been taken so Gosho plot the whole arc... or he could just decide to wait for File 1000. But I'd bet 100% we're guaranteed Vermouth's appearance ^___^
  7. Yeah as Maurice explained for now edits to the wiki are limited to admins. I recommend posting them here in the meantime. Perhaps someone will be able to post them for you?
  8. Pretty much what everyone's already said. I've been reading for so long, why am I going to stop now? I love having Kid cases twice a year, the occasional Ran and Shinichi moments, and finally Black Organization developments. I loved rooting for Takagi in his quest to make his feelings known to Satou. Still a little miffed about the lack of Chiba and Yumi but I guess Shuukichi is okay. I'm still holding out hope on watching the Eri and Kogoro reunion! It's been nearly 10 years for me and I've put my heart into sharing, reading, and enjoying this series. I'll keep at it as long as I can.
  9. @BlackDemon: I hope you can provide some clarification. The "bug" Sera and X-chan destroy is not the bug Conan usually uses when eavesdropping. He usually has the "dot" piece when he means to spy on someone and from what I see of the pages (in both 877 and 878) Conan didn't purposefully plant it. Was he carrying the spare glasses in his backpack and did X-chan take them out?
  10. Harry Nilsson - I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City
  11. Glad to see we got clarification on those lines. Not everyone posts over there, and who knows when those details could come up, so it's good that it's settled. @Sonoko: I wouldn't bet against Chek.
  12. Sera: んじゃ、断りのメール入れとくか。。。 ホントはこれから兄貴と会う約束してたから。。。 Ran: あ、じゃあいいよ。。。 Sera: 平気平気!赤女事件の話を直接話したくて。。。 ボクが兄貴に無理矢理約束させたんだからさ! This is a little wordy for me, but yes it sounds like she wanted to give her brother a first hand account of how it happened and made plans to meet with him ASAP, not letting him say no. It wasn't that she wanted to talk about the case with them. Ran: 誰にも言わないから教えて。。。 わたし気になっちやう ♡ You may be on to something but there maybe something in the inflection on how Ran says it which is why they went with that translation. From what I see, I'd put it as "I'm not going to tell anybody, so you don't have to worry about telling me ♡" but my Japanese isn't perfect..
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