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  1. hello am deane... actually im not a newbie here ive been a member since last year, but i think this is my first time introducing myself to everyone.... once again im deane , been a fan of DC since elementary.. hope to be friends with everyone .. who loves DC and a mystery freak......hehehhe
  2. wow chapter 822 is so intense!!! nd sooo mysterious!! can't wait to read the new chapter.... guessing is now my hobby because of this hahaha, cant end by guessing .. who is that and who is he? hahaha


  4. for some reason my topic thread in forum has been locked... =(

    1. Balthazar Manfredie

      Balthazar Manfredie

      cause there was another thread like that before.

    2. deane18


      ahh okay .. thanks for the answer... =)

  5. deane18


    for me bourbon is amuro.. sera is akai and okiya is akai.....
  6. i just finished the chapter 800.. and it's so intense.... can't wait for the next chapter to come out.. i just want to know u guys.... who do u think is bourbon?? and explain ur answer.. like what makes u think it was him/her.... i want ur deduction for it...
  7. just finished reading dc chapter 800...

    1. Charala97


      Are you hyped up??

  8. Oh...well it also stands for black ops. I think....sry didn't know which one you were talking about. :)

  9. B.O stand for Black organization... =)

  10. B.O? Does that stand for black ops or something like that?

  11. deane18


    wow!!! thank you....
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