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  1. No...It's 1 ^^ For u Rye... I think it's 3... 1. I know how to eat with chopsticks. 2. I am the holder of the remote control in the house. 3. I base my rating of a song in their chorus.
  2. Yeah...

    but i still don't remember some of them... ^_^"

  3. detective-db

    Song Chain

    I Want You Back (NYSNC)
  4. Fun and tiring... ^^

    ..needs to do a lot ^_^"

    Btw, thanks for the add...

  5. Another batch... Saken Sahen Sarin Saren Salem Sakai Sabhi Sahkd Safin ^_^
  6. Same here... -_-"

    (lol ^_^")

  7. Hai! ^^ What's up? ^^

  8. >>How about... Sabby Sarmy Sapry Sacht Sarct Safri Sachi Sanak Salak Sakhi >>If i mentioned what others said... Sorry! "
  9. if the spaces are very big or you'll copy paste... ...if not then it would be impossible (if i'm in that situation) >> Is it possible for someone to be bad a one whole day even though he/she is originally good? (just a random question)
  10. Doraemon saw the car and threw Meowth to their window... So, they stopped (the ones in the car) >> and Doraemon continued following Kaito
  11. Uhh... Warning! (random names! ") 1. Sappy 2. Sacky 3. Sarny lol... I know it's non-sense but it's worth to try... "
  12. then Yugi appeared and used Dark Magician to counterattack Angewomon
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