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  1. Spending the day just as usual. Sleep, eat, watch tv, surf the net and etc...
  2. When boredom happens and u can't do anything to stop it >_<
  3. Dear anonymouses, I miss you right now everyone. Since the last day was over u_u. I'm hoping we would me again someday. ^___________^ -the writer
  4. onion What does barbecue rhyme with?
  5. ohh... COOL ^^


  6. Dear Anonymouses, Had a great day today! Thanks guys for everything (WRITER) ~me
  7. I'm from the Phil. (i think so)


  8. Ok lang man dito...

    Lumakas lang ang hangin at ang ulan that day... :)

  9. I'm doing great u? ^^

  10. Ok lang man siguro yun... ^_^

    Malapit na nga ako gumawa ng bago dahil hindi ko ma-open itong account ko ^^"

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