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  1. Ah hi there! sorry for the late response. I decided to leave over this weekend. Uh dunno, I still miss DCW for sure :( and thanks! (a belated welcome to you!)

  2. How's your feeling? =D

  3. Yo! WHatsupp meh big bro?? ~XD

  4. Rye

    The Directioners, those fangirls who sang One Thing, even made a doodle on an illustration board for LIAM'S BIRTHDAY!!! Hahaha....You'd be drooling all over that doodle once you see it~<3 AWESOMAZING!

    Hahaha...they're really passionate about 1D...I feel so happy for them~

  5. Rye

    You like Enchanted too~

    Sorry for THE SUPER LATE REPLY. Our class is having some sort of talent show~ We did it earlier...

    HAHAHA...My friends sang One Thing, singing the part of the band member whom she likes most~

    One of them sang Niall's part so well~<3 SHE LOVES NIALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF HER BOTTOMLESS HEART.

  6. yeah >.< it sucks! especially when people around you start asking "where are you going to college?" =,=

    i got 2 weeks holidays, anyway

  7. Just wanted to say "hey", and thanks for the add.

  8. Hei there! (= It's sad that you decided to leave D: I wanna talk with you though. Anyway, Good luck for your exam. I am sure that you will do great. (;

  9. Eh? Are you spying on me? ~.~ There is no y though lol~ xD Lol thank you thank you (; and I hope you can accept me here xD =)
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