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  1. Shinchi Kudo (during the ending Koigokoro Kagayaki Nagara) >> scar
  2. detective-db

    Song Chain

    Being -Shakugan no Shana
  3. For 1D, .. uhh, i like their songs... ^^ .. even though i haven't see their faces or their MV's Rating: I'm just at the middle (i'm not an obsessed fan of them neither a hater ) But... all in all let's just appreciate and respect their types of song genres...
  4. the one that the queen wants to marry called out his WARRIORS to catch Naruhodo...
  5. Margery Doe... >>when she left a lipstick and used it to write on the wall... >> a whip
  6. I advise u to eat cookies tomorrow. :-D
  7. yeah... ^^ >> What is the first thing you do during the day?
  8. he stopped his rescue operation and follows the woman... and the queen still remains unsaved...............
  9. .. banned for banning me because i banned you
  10. You accidentally licked a bubble made out of POISON... ... and u die ^^" (i don't think this is possible @_@) .. the periodic table of elements
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