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    The Facts: The next movie is set to feature Amuro. The Movie 21 teaser was seven-segment electronic display counting down from 5 with a metropolis in the background, and Amuro spoke the final countdown number Zero, a reference to the PSB. My Speculation: We will see the logical followup of the anime/movie introduced character development from Movie 20 that Rei Furuya knew Matsuda Jinpei from police academy, and learned bomb defusal from him. Someone who likes setting bombs with mysterious clues is gonna go nuts, most likely in Tokyo since that is PSB territory, and Conan, Amuro, and whatever characters of the day are being served will go put a stop it. The seven-segment display countdown is a reference to a bomb countdown display like most DC bombs use. If this is the case, I'd expect new character Hyoue Kuroda to take a front-seat role in the movie replacing Matsumoto as the shouty police pusher..
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    As a brief supplement to Conan and Haibara’s conversation about the rooms of Amanda Hughes and Kouji Haneda, I took a closer look at those sentences in my copy of Volume 89 and tried to provide a translation as faithful and clear as possible. 1: Haibara それより引っかかるのは荒らされたまま放置されたこの部屋… [1:それより][2:引っかかるのは][3:荒らされたまま][4:放置された][5:この部屋]… [1: more than that] [2: what bothers (me)] [3: in a devastated state] [4: left behind] [5: this room] … More than that, what bothers me is this room that was left behind in a devastated state … 2: Haibara 組織の仕業ならこんな事有り得ない… [6:組織の仕業なら][7:こんな事][8:有り得ない]… [6: as for the work of the organization] [7: a thing like this] [8: inconceivable] … As for the work of the organization, a thing like this is inconceivable … 3: Haibara 何もなかったかのように立ち去るのが彼らのやり方なのに… [9:何もなかったかのように][10:立ち去るのが][11:彼らのやり方][12:なのに]… [9: as if nothing had been there] [10: to (stand up and) leave] [11: their way of doing] [12: despite] Despite leaving as if nothing had been there is their way of doing … 4: Haibara 実際、殺された資産家の部屋はそうだったみたいだし… [13:実際]、[14:殺された資産家の部屋は][15:そうだったみたいだし]… [13: in fact], [14: the room of the killed wealthy person] [15: seems to have been like that] In fact, the room of the killed wealthy person seems to have been like that … 5: Conan 確かに洗面所の蛇口の水も出しっ放しだったって書いてある… [16:確かに][17:洗面所の蛇口の水][18:も][19:出しっ放しだった][20:って書いてある]… [16: indeed] [17: the water of the tap of the bathroom] [18: also] [19: was left running] [20: is written] It is indeed written that the water of the tap of the bathroom was also left running … Someone who talks about A and then about B will use an anaphoric term in the following sentence for referring to whatever was stated last instead of forcing the hearer to guess which one of the previously mentioned things is meant. In “I had a troublesome dog. Then I had a peaceful turtle. That was much better.”, that only refers to the peaceful turtle and not to the troublesome dog that was mentioned before the peaceful turtle. Correspondingly, I can’t think of any reasonable explanation why Haibara should first (Sentence 1) talk about A (Kouji Haneda’s room “left behind in a devastated state”) and then (Sentences 2–3) contrast A (Kouji Haneda’s room “left behind in a devastated state”) with B (“leaving as if nothing had been is their way of doing”) just to eventually (Sentence 4) utter C (“seems to have been like that”) for referring back not to what was stated immediately before that (“leaving as if nothing had been there is their way of doing” in Sentences 2–3), but to what was stated at the beginning (Kouji Haneda’s room “left behind in a devastated state” in Sentence 1). She is confused by the fact that a room was left in a devastated state although the organization seems to be involved, makes the focus shift by mentioning their usual modus operandi and compares the other room with that (their usual modus operandi). So I agree with Chekhov MacGuffin and Serinox and dare say that every other reading of those words has nothing to do with natural language use. As for Conan’s reply, I have a minor remark. While it doesn’t change the sense dramatically, I think that the absence of a comma after 確かに (indeed) entails that 確かに (indeed) emphasizes the rest of the sentence instead of directly affirming Sentence 4. To illustrate that, I put indeed after it is; here are the two versions for comparison: Official Version 確かに洗面所の蛇口の水も出しっ放しだったって書いてある… It is indeed written that the water of the tap of the bathroom was also left running … Alternative Version 確かに、洗面所の蛇口の水も出しっ放しだったって書いてある… Indeed, it is written that the water of the tap of the bathroom was also left running … I think that, in the latter sentence, Conan would first agree with Haibara explicitly and then mention the rest of his answer to support what she said, whereas, in the first sentence, he would solely emphasize something that supports what she said and might agree only implicitly. Again, the difference wouldn’t be too significant; I just think that the question if Conan agrees with Haibara explicitly or perhaps only implicitly isn’t completely irrelevant either, so I at least wanted to mention it. I hope this helps to clear things up a bit.
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    MK vol 5 Playback Episode
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    998 spoiler pics are out (only 4 so far, so here's the link): https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5221859475 No break next week—we can expect 999 spoiler pics a week from today.
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    I replied in the DCTP cbox about this, so here is a paraphrase. http://forums.dctp.ws/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=13211&p=874525#p874525 Mirror dying message = red herring coincidence is interesting, but I think the mirror can still be cracked in a controlled fashion. You press the edge of the scissor to thin glass in order to break it in a controlled fashion under water. And if it was a coincidental fracture from being dropped, where are the missing letter pieces nearby? But I agree the mirror which has a backing is worrisome. The faucet being on in the "wrong room" may be a signal that the clue could be coincidence, and the faucet was not used at all to crack it. And, while not a real clue, the name of the hotel "Juke" is an English word for "a feint", like a sidestep or trick used to pass someone in football/soccer. It basically means red herring. Yikes!. That leaves us with the hand clue which I think is solid.
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    The case that Jinpei Matsuda stole the show in had such an antagonist, so, if he's going to play a role (well, as much as a dead person can play a role), then someone like the vengeful bomber who killed him will appear as well—Rei/Toru will take up the role Jinpei took, and this new bomber will take up the role of the old bomber. We rarely—if ever—see any Tokyo MPD character who ranks above Superintendent, so I can't see Senior Superintendent Kiyonaga Matsumoto making an appearance, here. Maybe in the manga case that will come out around the time Movie 22 does, we'll get something about Rei/Toru and Hyoue, and, in the movie, we'll get a hint towards that, with its own spin, perhaps even keyframed by Gosho.
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    Heiji and Kazuha Secret Archives interviews http://imgur.com/a/AnXH5 Gosho Aoyama Harikawa Ryou (Heiij) Miyamura Yuuko (Kazuya) Takayama Minami (Conan) Yukino Satsuki (Momiji) Ono Daisuke (Iori) Miyagawa Daisuke (Sekine Kouji) Yoshioka Riho (Hiramoto Mikiko) Shizuno Koubun Ookura Takahiro
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    Movie 21 guidebook has interviews with Interviews : http://imgur.com/a/6UmqA -Aoyama Gosho - 3 pages -Shizuno Koubun - 2 pages -Takayama Minami (Conan) - 2 pages -Horikawa Ryou (Heiji) - 2 pages -Miyamura Yuuko (Kazuha) - 2 pages -Yukino Sakki (Momiji) - 1 and 1/2 pages -Yoshioka Riho (Hiramoto Mikiko) - 1/4 page -Miyagawa Daisuke (Sekine Koji) - 1/4 page Additional Momiji and Iori stuff : http://imgur.com/a/0yuP0
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    I don't for how long this has been the case, but since a few days ago my Firefox is actively warning me from logging in on this website, because it does not employ any kind of encryption to protect password data. Trying to force the website to use https first blocked out some graphics, but allowed me to log-in, still with a security warning, but then Sucuri blocked me from logging in. Since something like this is almost an invitation for getting user accounts hacked more easily, I'd suggest that this should be fixed as quickly as possible.
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    SDB 90+ Q&A and Scarlet series questions with rough draft (name) images http://imgur.com/a/DhR07
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    Here's a general guide. Movie 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 all have an "OVA" labeled as "Magic Files" to go before or after each movie. After Magic File 6, Episode 694, 735, and 774 were aired as preludes to the movies that year. They aren't really overly connected, but usually just had a bit of dialogue for the movie at the end of each episode. If the pattern follows, we should see the episode for M20 on April 16th.You could watch almost all the movies regardless of where they "fit in", but if you wanted to watch the movies in relation to their air-dates... You could follow the list below. After Episode 54 - Movie 1 After Episode 97 - Movie 2 After Episode 140 - Movie 3 After Episode 186 - Movie 4 After Episode 231 - Movie 5 After Episode 275 - Movie 6 After Episode 315 - Movie 7 After Episode 356 - Movie 8 After Episode 393 - Movie 9 After Episode 434 - Movie 10 After Episode 470 - Movie 11 After Episode 504 - Movie 12 (Watch Magic File 2 before this movie) After Episode 535 - Movie 13 (Watch Magic File 3 before this movie) After Episode 570 - Movie 14 (Watch Magic File 4 after this movie) After Episode 613 - Movie 15 (Watch Magic File 5 after this movie) After Episode 655 - Movie 16 (Watch Magic File 6 before this movie) After Episode 694 - Movie 17 After Episode 735 - Movie 18 After Episode 774 - Movie 19
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    One of my favorite openings
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    [I know I'm going to kick a Hornet's nest over here, but I've reasons to do so. If this post challenges your opinion don't bother replying(I don't like debating "How can you violate an established opinion(despite unverified)?" type users; if you feel my reasoning is flawed reply only then, with your corrections.] I'm discarding the mirror as a dying message left by Haneda Kohji. I know it's a big step but I've a plethora of reasons to discard it. As You can see(the encircled places on the mirror by red) shards protruding from that place. The cut isn't clear and definite proof of a crack(not a cut by scissors under water). Some pieces are still stuck to the casing. The protrusions of the encircled(red) places gives clear indication that the mirror wasn't removed from the casing, else such small pieces wouldn't be stuck to the the frame. You can't cut this without removing it from the frame. The small piece which I encircled in yellow shows two definite cracks separated by a small distance, which further proves that the cracks were caused due to the impact. The pieces encircled in blue are the mirror's pieces, which was found nearby, another proof of the impact.(Agasa mentioned that smaller shards would be spilled everywhere as water molecules will break up the glass by travelling through the cracks and the constant flow of the tap will only increase this process, so smaller pieces would be spilled around the sink, but in the mirror we only find bigger pieces missing.) Removing the casing argument will also won't work due to the points I've risen on the point number 1. The black marked spot is showing another piece of shard residue sticking to the casing. I'm yet to be convinced that Kohji touched the mirror in the first place as nothing is said about his fingerprints on the mirror. Does it mean the message is worthless? Absolutely Not. From BO Interest we already do know that "U MASCARA" were the letters in Rum's social name and Haneda knew Rum's social name. So Rum is someone from Haneda's acquaintance circle. This Mirror message is one of the many co-incidences happened in this Manga.(Like Shinichi's very first trip to Tropical land on the eventful day.) So then what was really Kouji's dying message? Checkov had already pointed this out, the cause of the bruises were a defensive scissor-grip. The bruise in palm indicates that Haneda held something(likely a Shogi piece) and hid it by holding the scissors in a defensive position and dies while it was in his grip.(That's why the bruises are still on the body.) This is the real dying message, but currently the object is missing. That object(shogi piece) is probably the clincher in the Kohji case. Now time for some speculation. Chikara Katsumata's name has Kanjis that have different readings. This is the stuff according to DCW " 勝又 力 " it can also be interpreted as "[KATSU MASARU TAERU]MATA [CHIKARA TSUTOMERU RIKIMU]".(the things in the square bracket is the alternate reading of that Kanji) The Kun reading of the "Osho" piece of Shogi is "KIMI [HIKIIRU MOTTE HATA]"
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    Kuroda was talking before that as well though and we can't actually tell when she started to stare at him like that, which means that we were technically both wrong. And yet she did comprehend it during the case. What?! Hahaha, Gin is willing to blow up an entire train and an entire train station just to kill one person among them (and that's not even the first time he intends to blow up an entire train), Gin directly murders persons in cold blood (Pisco, Akemi), Gin orders the death of Kogoro and Conan on the mere chance that Kogoro might be related to Sherry, Vermouth killed Jodie's parents in cold blood and burned down their house, intending to burn the 8 year old Jodie as well and more, and now Rumi is supposed to be the more dangerous person than these two alone combined, because she passively allows murder to occur and risks the life of one hostage? Sorry, but that's ridiculous. On the rest: I disagree and I continue to find your logic baffling and unreasonable by quite a wide margin, but it's clear that this is going nowhere. I made my points and I stand by them and so do you, and that's fine.
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    Nice. Here's mine: Trying to go for an interesting side character, who could have relevance to the plot (in the degree of Natsuko)
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    all these explosions for a love letter
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    If only I ever get an opportunity to write an ending twist of the series, I'd want Ran to be somehow connected to the Black Organisation. Maybe she could be Vermouth's sister, or anything like that. However , things will get resolved in the end , and she'll end of with Shinichi, but this should not be easy. Maybe it will be revealed that Ai Haibara is non another than Vermouth ( LOL) and she has been disguised to take care of her sister ( Ran) and take revenge from Kudo. Maybe Vermouth has some issues with Kudo and she wants him dead, but realizes that Ran truly loves Kudo, so she decides to forgive him ( after a lot of drama, of course) Maybe Kaito Kid seems to care about Ran because of her resemblance with his girlfriend , who is later revealed to be Vermouth. Maybe Kaito finds out that Vermouth and Ran are sisters and decides to unite them. Maybe Kaito always steals jewels because the only thing that could lead him to his girlfriend Vermouth ( now disguised as Ai Haibara ) is a ring that she owned. Maybe he sees a same type of ring in Ran's finger and this make him realize that Ran and Vermouth are sisters. I guess I have already written so much, that is never going to happen though. I wish..!
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    I think it's Ran because every time Ran's in danger Shinichi always felt uneasy and he can't calm himself. Ran plays a great role in Shinichi's life especially in his heart. It's the moral support that matters. Well, as for Shiho, she can be a great help to Shinichi BUT it doesn't mean that She is needed. Shinichi can survive without Shiho I guess, more than surviving without Ran which I think he couldn't do.
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    It is certainly true that James' alibi will be broken if Gin received orders from Rum. The question now is did Gin receive orders from Rum? This is what Gin said to Chianti. Chianti: Are you telling me to quit after coming all the way here!? Gin: Yeah, I just got ano kata's approval. We are changing targets. The alibi is broken if Gin regularly refers to Rum as "ano kata", the same as the boss of the Black Organization. If it turns out there are two ano katas running around then it is going to confuse a lot of issues. Like which ano kata is Vermouth the favorite of?
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    Hi! I am back with my lastest drawing of Ai Haibara-san. (I've been using too much upload space so from now on I'll use links- hopefully they work).>>> Please comment!
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    Whatever the case, if Ran ever gets to know that Conan is Shinichi and the danger of being involved with the B.O, she will definitely keep quiet. She won't care for her life, but she wouldn't want to be a hindrance in Conan's plans against the BO. I think that Ran will get to know of Conan's identity and keep it secretive in such a way that even Conan might not notice. Might sound wierd, but she might just be so sure of it this time that she will remember to keep it away from Conan as well. I think that she will start to investigate on the BO on her own accord without gathering attention, that is, by probably taking Heiji's help, coz I remember that Heiji was advising Conan in the Desperate Revival Arc to tell Ran the truth. This theory might sound ironic but I think it's possible.
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    Haha i guess this is the first "Outside of intro" thread that I come to post in. The episodes are wonderful! I especially love the variety of themes that Detective Conan actually has. Love, suspense, comedy, slight thriller... I guess there are so many different plots in this story and this makes DC so interesting... Stories about locating or escaping Black organization, thief heists *kyaa~ XD* , love stories, Young detectives team, flashbacks, identity exposure crisis, highschool detective rivalry, friendship, and recently looking into other investigation teams such as FBI and CIA... Personally, I love the episodes which features KAITOU KID, especially the VS Shinichi/Conan episodes XD. I also love the episodes with rare features of Shinichi and those competitions between high school detectives!!! Some of the episodes which I liked: Ep 1: Roller Coaster Murder Case (When I was about to think the art is @_@, I saw chibi Conan! kawaii!) Ep 43: Edogawa Conan Kidnapping Case (Appearance of Shinichi's parents!) Ep 48-49: Diplomat Murder Case (Hattori Heiji, SHinichi appearance!) Ep 76: Conan vs. Phantom Thief Kid (FIRST APPEARANCE Of KAITOU KID~~) Ep 99: Caught Up with the Great Detective! 2 Murder Cases (FIRST TIME Ran suspects Conan is SHinichi!) Ep 129: The Girl from the Black Organization and the University Professor Murder Case (2 Hour Special)(HAIBARA enters) Ep 188-193: The Desperate Revival (Conan got shot... Ran Suspects Conan is SHinichi... Shinichi is back!) Ep 219: The Gathering of the Detectives! Shinichi Kudo vs. Kaitou Kid (First time Shinichi VS Kaitou Kid!!) Ep 286-288: Shinichi Kudo's New York Case (Ran and Shinichi goes to New York and met Akai Shuuichi for first time!) Ep 310: Contact with the Black Organization: Pursuit Chapter (Conan chases the BO...nearly caught... hid in locker XD) Ep 345:Head-to-Head Match with the Black Organization: A Dual Mystery on a Full Moon Night (Halloween cruise! Vermout) Ep 425: Black Impact! The Moment the Black Organization Reaches Out (Mizunashi Rena) Ep 491-504: Clash of Red and Black (Akai shuuichi working with Conan!) Ep 515: Kaitou Kid's Teleportation Magic (DIdnt know it was so easy!!! I was wrecking my heads off until the hint) Ep 522: Shinichi's True Face and Ran's Tears (Shinichi's double exposed!) Ep 535: An Old Scar and the Detective's Spirit (Satou kisses Tagaki!!! XD) Ep 537: Kaitou Kid vs. the Strongest Safe (Kaitou kid helps Suzuku boss! for his dog lupin!) I liked the movies too! Very nice... =D
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    I'm not sure why, but people on these boards seem to forget Ayumi's giant crush on him... that being said, I've never really thought Ai or Ayumi were a good match for him, and always stand by the Shinichi/Ran pairing