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  1. I have sometimes wondered if Tsutomu Akai is Gin. That he might have been captured and brainwashed by the organization.
  2. There seems to be a string in the hole of the frying pan. In fact the frying pan stands out a bit among the objects on the floor.
  3. Is it Kaito Kid again? It's the same smile, that he had when he was the kurator in the heist of The Dark Knight opals.
  4. About the cards. I think the victim must have hoped that his brother could break the code, because they used to play cards in the attic, so they likely knows a lot of card games and the thermology of them. The facts are that The victim sends the picture to his brother, with whom he used to play cards with as children, so the key to solve the code must be connected to a game they played.
  5. I feel bad for Umisuke. Finding his brother dead, and now he is probably going to jail for stealing the explosives and attempting murder.
  6. If Haneda Kohji's family was wealthy, that does open up the possibility that he was the main target or maybe both he and Amanda were the chosen targets. Karasuma's family were aristocratic and Conan thought that Kohji was from a nobel family. Given that aristocraty in Japan was ambolished in WWII, perhaps Conan was thinking nobel as in 'used to be aristocratic'. There could be a connection in that. Maybe it had something to do with inheritance or power.
  7. I think that whatever Conan is planning has something to do with that broken yellow marker. If the con man stepped on it there should be traces of its colouring on his boot.
  8. To me it seems that the younger brother is planning to use the bombs to kill the three men, most likely because he blames them for his brother's death.
  9. I'm don't know if the brother killed the manager of the farm. But I do think that he was the one who put him in the bed. The corpse was lying on the bed under a cover with his eyes closed. But since he was strangle and the bed seems to be placed in a corner, I think it's unlikely that he was strangled while lying down in it. The fact that he was placed in bed after his death suggests that someone showed him some last respect. And that would most likely be the younger brother. It's possible that the manager comitted suicide by hanging and his brother found him, got him down and placed him in the bed.
  10. I think that the dead man was already dead, when he was left in the basement. And that he did not died by starvation. Otherwise he would have used his own cell phone, that Kazami used, and called for help. It struck me strange, that whoever locked Kazami down there could think of removing his cell phone, but not think of taking the dead man's, unless the man was already dead, when he was put down in the basement, and therefore there would be no need to take the cell phone of him or perhaps even search the body for that and afterward the though never occured that there could be something on the corpse that Kazami could use.
  11. It just occured to me, that maybe the Haneda Family are the rich friend of the Tsutomu, who supports Sera's stayings at hotels.
  12. I think I know how the poisoning was possible. The victim stole food that Remi ate of and ate the rest. Just before the murder, a strawberry fell of Remi's slice of the cake. So there could have been poison on it and the victim picked it up and ate it. Of course that makes Remi the main suspect, but there is also the possibility that the murderer was planning on distracting everyone's attention giving the victim a chance to steal the strawberry or maybe that Remi was the intended victim. Or that it was the victim who was planning on poisoning Remi and she realized that and push the strawberry away to save herself.
  13. Judging on that Masumi appears to be the same age in her memories as she is now, I think that Mary hasn't been shrunk in more than a year. I think Mary shrunked to a middle school age is because she is in reality much older than Shinichi and Shiho who are both at high school age, and therefore both shrunk to elementary school age. It seems that the organization lured Mary out with a message forged to be from her husband, and once she arrived, they grabbed her and poisoned her. But if Mary is Haibara's aunt, could the thing that makes them shrink by the poison instead of dying be genetic?
  14. Yes, and there was another thing. The straws were in paper bags. If Aburai wasn't going to use hers, why was it out of it's paper bag?
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