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Last Poster Wins

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Yeah, this game isn't so original. But who cares, it's fun to just go around and say I win (okay not really).

Warning: A boring rant that you probably don't care about

On another forum I use, it went from how it was supposed to be, to people begging others to let them win, to people manipulating quotes to (several hundred pages later) random talk that doesn't make sense to anyone else except the people who are involved, to ice cream ball fights, to people becoming creepy monsters for Halloween ,to fighting Orks (whatever they are) people constantly hurting themselves from using their inhuman powers.

That topic is pretty popular, 520 pages were used for it and it began in July 29th 2011. That forum has 48 members, and ha;f of them probably don't post in that topic.....

End of rant

So basically I was curious on how this topic would end up.

Only rule: Last post win NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Right now, I'm winning. icon_mrgreen.gif


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