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Found 1 result

  1. Another Batman/Detective Conan crossover. A Peak into Tomorrow Darkness… a gap in time before the beginning of life The same in the arrival of death In between, A fine line to walk From the dawn of creation one is built through the road in which one creates, gaining through the given experiences that life sweeps one's way. Through this character is achieved, a cemented makeup that defines ones very essence as an individual.. a barrier that cannot be broken. "Or so I thought." What happens when all you've been taught is challenged? And when all prior belief sinks into doubt? How are you to look to those you trust for guidance when those same friends and allies are truly a hidden enemy? A tear in foundation is sure to ensue, one which will foster its reach throughout the confines of one's very soul. No more trust, only an undeniable betrayal of those who had offered a hope No more strength, lost to my body and mind alike No more drive, all determination had come to seize in wake of my obtained failure No more hope, my faith has collapsed in finding a means to an end There is only one thing that has remained for me through it all, darkness. His remaining strength was little, evident by how he weakly descended down the long fleet of stairs toward the destined location that awaited his arrival. With each step a phrase of set words conveyed to him several months ago played back in his mind repeatedly, months which now felt as if years had come to pass. "Close your eyes, and in that time allow darkness to carry you to the other side. And when you shed eye once again, you will have arrived." It wasn't until now that those words began forming into clarity. He pressed on in staggering exhaustion, breathing heavily as a knifing pain soared through his legs. The end was soon reached. It was here that his heart began to race in full stride, glancing directly into the eye of the demon that called for his presence across the way. Even in the wake of his doubt there was no turning back. A heated line of sweat slid down the left side of his face as he commenced, bringing a burn to the small cut on his left cheek. The gap fell to just inches between him and the opposition after just moments. With the choice to be made there would be no turning back, the life once knew would seize its place to anew. But in doing so he would make the ultimate sacrifice, betraying a promise made to a close friend and ally who had stood by his side from the very beginning of what had come to conspire. A stream of tears formed within his eyes, trailing downward like flakes of water drops upon an oak tree after a passing storm. In disgust his sights retorted toward the floor below in a rejecting defiance to what he knew was to come. With a final cry of emotion to give he spoke a final claim, knowing their partnership of so long would now come to an untimely end. "Kudo, Shinichi… forgive me," Silence ensued as he focused eye to the one who awaited his decision to make. He inhaled once more before closing his eyes with those defining words returning. "Close your eyes, and in that time allow darkness to carry you to the other side. And when you shed eye once again, you will have arrived." With the final line clocking through mind his heart seemingly stopped, bringing about an undeniable fright that was capped off by the chanting sound of an army of swarming bats in the clear. In that moment there was nothing but fear, one of death accompanied by only darkness. If the other side was to be reached, could there perhaps be light? Lightest of Nights: A Deck of Minds To Be Continued
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