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| title              = The Detective Boys and the Ghost Mansion
| title              = The Detective Boys and the Ghost Mansion
| japanese-title      = {{lang|ja|探偵団と幽霊館}}<br>(Tanteidan to Yuurei Yakata)
| japanese-title      = {{lang|ja|探偵団と幽霊館}}<br>(Tanteidan to Yuurei Yakata)
| rating              = 7.3%
| rating              = 7.8%
| Manga case number  =
| Manga case number  =
| airdate            = November 11, 2017
| airdate            = November 11, 2017

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Episode 880


Title: The Detective Boys and the Ghost Mansion
Japanese title: 探偵団と幽霊館
(Tanteidan to Yuurei Yakata)
Original airdate: November 11, 2017
Broadcast rating: 7.8%
Season: 27
Manga source: TV Original
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Detective Boys
Next Conan's Hint: Greenhouse
Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Screenplay: Kogiso Toyoto
Storyboard: Jirou Kanai
Episode director: Hiroaki Takagi, Youko Fukushima (assistant)
Animation director: Yui Ushinohama, Chie Morishita (assistant), Aya Sasaki (assistant)
Opening song: Lie, Lie, Lie,
Closing song: Togetsukyō ~Kimi Omou~
Prev episode: « The Blind Spot in the Dressing Room
Next episode: The Wizard of the Ripples »
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The Detective Boys were hiking in the forest and were going to visit a lighthouse when the storm bursted. They decided to hide under a the solar panels of a greenhouse and have been spotted by the greenhouse's manager who brought them to the nearby Otaguro mansion. They were welcomed by Saburo and Yoshimoto, the maid. They were then informed about the head of the family (Otaguro-san) who have had early encounters of a ghost that appeared like a yellow glowing light. Just after, the mysterious glowing light in question appeared and frightened the Detective boys and it was interrupted by the arrival of Hideto Amemiya who led them visit his lab and explained them the past accident of the late Mrs. Otaguro.

Accident? (past)

EP880 Case 1.jpg

Location: Unknown
Victim: Chieko Otaguro
Age: 72 Years old
Cause of death: Falling from the Cliff
Suspects: Unknown
Attempted Murder

EP880 Case 2.jpg

Location: Mansion
Victim: Nobuteru Otaguro
Age: 78 Years old
Injury: Poison
Suspects: Saburo Yoshimoto, Hana Yoshimoto, and Hideto Amemiya


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