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Gender: Male
Nicknames: Startold Ryuu, Star
First appearance: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....
Appearances: Not so long ago, in a galaxy far, far away....

My name is Startold, and I am a frequent user of the wiki. I have been correcting somes typos on the pages of the episodes, and adding informations about the movies, characters, etc..


I translate for a French Detective Conan website called the Kudo Project Project, and I've helped and translated Conan interviews and Conan spoilers for six years. I've translated every file from 809 to the latest in French, and I've subbed episodes 707 to 770 of Detective Conan. I've written more than 100 articles based on Detective Conan, and I've translated every Conan movie since 2012.

Work here[edit]

I've written the rating of each Conan episode from episode 1 to episode 750, and then from 850 or so to the latest. I've also written the case number of every manga-based Conan from episode 1 to 750. I complete the list of uses of the voice-changing bow-tie and of the tranquilizer watch.

Notes to self[edit]


  • Finish the bowtie page.


  • Put the filler case number to anime case number. --> DONE.
  • Search for the criminal tracking glasses in episode 686. --> DONE.
  • Check episode 640 and 641. --> DONE.
  • Putt the rating of each episode from episode 1 to 50. --> DONE.
  • Put the rating of each episode from episode 51 to 250. --> DONE.
  • Put the rating of each episode from episode 251 to the last one in date (750). --> DONE.
  • Put the rating of each MK1412 episode from 1 to 24. --> DONE.
  • Put the manga case number to each episode. => Done.
  • Put the name of the producer, storyboardeur, scriptwriter and chief animator for every episode starting from 850. => DONE.


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