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The Kurogane family (鉄家 Kurogane-ka?) currently consists of 4 people: Kenjuro Kurogane, Michiko Kurogane, Yaiba Kurogane and Moroha Kurogane. They are a lineage of incredibly skilled kendoka, allegedly descending from the trickster god Susano'o of Japanese mythology. They are also the heirs to the wealthy Kurogane Group.

These characters originated in Gosho Aoyama's previous series Yaiba, but have all appeared in Detective Conan and Magic Kaito by now.


Kenjuro Kurogane.jpg
Kenjuro Kurogane
Michiko Kurogane.jpg
Michiko Kurogane
Yaiba Kurogane.jpg
Yaiba Kurogane
Moroha Kurogane.jpg
Moroha Kurogane

Kenjuro Kurogane

He briefly appeared in OVA 1: Conan vs. Kid vs. Yaiba - The Grand Battle for the Treasure Sword!!, inviting Kogoro Mori to drink with him, which he accepted gladly. Both ended up completely wasted, calling themselves "Juuguro", a portmanteau of both of their first names. This meeting was later revealed to be just a dream of Conan Edogawa.[1] In the original one shot "K∀ITO" (added as a bonus in Magic Kaito Volume 3), he drunkenly corrects the battle stances of his son and Kaitou Kid, before yelling that they should continue the fight and falling asleep.[2]

Michiko Kurogane

Back in her first year at middle school, she was a kendo rival of Shizuka Hattori, beating her at a tournament between their respective schools. This caused Shizuka to cry, as can be seen on an old photo of hers, with a young Michiko leaving in the background.[3][4][5]

Yaiba Kurogane

Besides being on a lot of merchandise in Conan's world, he appears in OVA 1: Conan vs. Kid vs. Yaiba - The Grand Battle for the Treasure Sword!! (and the original one shot on which it is based) to stop Kaito Kid from getting the Treasure Sword of the Mine family. This whole ordeal is revealed to be a dream by Conan Edogawa later on.[1] The canon version of him is the "great rival" of Soshi Okita he has to beat before he can confess his feelings to Yaiba's little sister Moroha.[6][7]

Moroha Kurogane

The great love of Soshi Okita. He has to beat her older brother first before he can confess his true feelings. He told Ran Mouri about this, but doesn't want Momiji Ooka to get wind of it.[6][7]


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