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Episode 6

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Title: TIME.6
Original airdate: May 9, 2022
Season: 1
Manga source: Zero's Tea Time Volume 1: Chapter 10 (10), Zero's Tea Time Volume 4: Chapter 7, 10 (37,40)
Cast: Rei Furuya
Azusa Enomoto
Yuya Kazami
Midori Kuriyama
Reiko Tsuruyama
Katsumasa Ogura
Sayo Ohashi
Café Columbo Master
Jinpei Matsuda
Kenji Hagiwara
Wataru Date
Hiromitsu Morofushi
Director: Tomochi Kosaka
Screenplay: Yoshiko Nakamura
Storyboard: Jiro Kanai
Episode Director: Hitomi Ezoe
Animation Director: Kyoko Yoshimi (chief)
Chie Saito (chief)
Yui Ushinohama
Miho Tanaka
Keiko Sasaki
Tomoko Hayashi
Michitaka Yamamoto
Character Design: Masatomo Sudo (supervisor)
Kyoko Yoshimi
Hiroshi Ogawa (prop design)
Opening song: Shooting Star
Closing song: Find the truth
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TIME.6 is the 6th episode of Detective Conan spin-off Zero's Tea Time anime adaptation.





  • Manga to anime changes

    • In the manga, during the scene at veterinary, there is a man who owns a small dog and a woman who owns a big dog. In the anime, the woman is seen with the small dog, while the man is seen with the big dog.
    • In the manga, Rei tell Kazami that he is going to the veterinary clinic to get some vaccinations done, which leads to Kazami falsely thinking that it is Rei who is getting vaccinated. This scene is removed in the anime.
    • In the manga, the victim of the purse snacter is shown. However, in the anime, only her scream can be heard, but she doesn't appear.
    • During the scene at cherry blossom viewing, most dialogues are removed except the one between Amuro and Azusa about cherry blossom.
    • In the anime, after Amuro having some flashback, Haro appears from his car and barks at him. In the manga, Haro did not appear.



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