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Episode 6

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Title: TIME.6
Original airdate: May 9, 2022
Season: 1
Manga source: Zero's Tea Time Volume 1: Chapter 10 (10), Zero's Tea Time Volume 4: Chapter 7, 10 (37,40)
English version
English Title: TIME.6
English airdate: July 29, 2022
Cast: Rei Furuya
Azusa Enomoto
Yuya Kazami
Midori Kuriyama
Reiko Tsuruyama
Katsumasa Ogura
Sayo Ohashi
Café Columbo Master
Jinpei Matsuda
Kenji Hagiwara
Wataru Date
Hiromitsu Morofushi
Director: Tomochi Kosaka
Screenplay: Yoshiko Nakamura
Storyboard: Jiro Kanai
Episode Director: Hitomi Ezoe
Animation Director: Kyoko Yoshimi (chief)
Chie Saito (chief)
Yui Ushinohama
Miho Tanaka
Keiko Sasaki
Tomoko Hayashi
Michitaka Yamamoto
Character Design: Masatomo Sudo (supervisor)
Kyoko Yoshimi
Hiroshi Ogawa (prop design)
Opening song: Shooting Star
Closing song: Find the truth
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TIME.6 is the 6th episode of Detective Conan spin-off Zero's Tea Time anime adaptation.




Rei and Kazami are having a martial art training. Rei easily defeats Kazami many times. Kazami then tells Rei to hold back a bit, then Rei says that he don't mind if he try with just one arm.

The next day, Kazami is having a surveilance on a parade , when he see Amuro and Azusa walking together at the parade through surveilance camera. At the same time, Azusa shows Amuro how to split a banana with bare hands. She then want to see the parade, so Amuro carries her shopping bag.

Suddenly, a scream is heard. A man has snatched a woman's purse. Kazami's subordinates quickly chase the criminal, but the criminal proceed to kidnap a baby and threatens to kill the baby with a screwdriver. He then runs away with the baby and enters an ally. However, Amuro is already waiting there. The criminal then decides to throw the baby towards Amuro. Amuro manages to catch the baby, and the criminal use the chance to beat Amuro. However, Amuro successfully avoid him, and using only one arm, take him down.

Amuro then hands over the baby to his mother. Later, Azusa approaches Amuro, and wonder if Amuro is the one who took the criminal down. Amuro then says that the criminal just slipped on a banana peel. Kazami, who saw everything through the camera, can only says that Rei is just like a manga character.

On the other day, Amuro brings his dog to the veterinary clinic to get some vaccinations done. When he is asked to fill some forms, he is a bit confused as he has not give the dog a name. The employee says that he can put his name for a while. When it is their turn, Amuro and the dog enters the room. However, when the dog sees the syringe, the dog is scared and tries to run away.

Finally, they arrive at home. Because of the events at the clinic, Amuro's arm got hurt. He wants to applies some medicine, but when the dog smells the medicine, the dog decides to run around. Apparently, the dog enters Amuro's room and hit the guitar. The guitar then falls down and almost hit the dog. Fortunately, Amuro manages to hold the guitar. Amuro then tells the dog how he learned playing guitar from Hiro. He then proceeds to play the first song he learned to play, "Furusato" in G major.

Later, the dog falls asleep. Amuro remembers that dogs, especially the breeds closer to wolves, can react to sounds like sirens and intercoms, which might be the reason the dog barks at particular sounds he played. Using the sounds the dog likes, he decides to make a name from the notes.

Some days later, Amuro and the dog go to the veterinary clinic again. It is revelaed that the dog's name is Haro.


  • Epilogue

    Amuro and Azusa are attending cherry blossom viewing with some people. There are Cafe Columbo master, Reiko Tsuruyama, Azusa's brother Sugihito, Midori Kuriyama, Ramen Ogura owner Katsumasa Ogura, his employee Sayo Ohashi, Hiroki, and others. Azusa wants to catch some falling cherry blossom petals, but she can't catch any of them. She then tells Amuro that if someone catch three cherry blossom petals before they drop on the ground, their wish will come true. Azusa then ask Amuro what he woild wish for.

    Someone asks for more alcohol, so Amuro decides to go to his car to get some. On the way, he take a look at the group, and reminds him that spending some time with them is not bad either. Suddenly, the wind blows and more cherry blossom petals fall down, and Amuro quickly try to get some. He manages to get five petals, and then start remembering his friends from police academy. After some time, the wind blows away four out of five petals. He stares at the flying petals for some time, before Haro appears from his car and barks at him, pulling him back to reality. Amuro then smiles at Haro, before approaching his car.

    Manga to anime changes

    • Kazami and Rei's conversation about "never underestimate your opponent" is removed from the anime.
    • In the manga, during the scene at veterinary, there is a man who owns a small dog and a woman who owns a big dog. In the anime, the woman is seen with the small dog, while the man is seen with the big dog.
    • In the manga, Rei tell Kazami that he is going to the veterinary clinic to get some vaccinations done, which leads to Kazami falsely thinking that it is Rei who is getting vaccinated. This scene is removed in the anime.
    • In the manga, the victim of the purse snacter is shown. However, in the anime, only her scream can be heard, but she doesn't appear.
    • During the scene at cherry blossom viewing, most dialogues are removed except the one between Amuro and Azusa about cherry blossom.
    • In the anime, after Amuro having some flashback, Haro appears from his car and barks at him. In the manga, Haro did not appear.



    In other languages

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of Poland Polish HERBATKA.6 TEA.6

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