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Episode 2

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Title: TIME.2
Original airdate: April 12, 2022
Season: 1
Manga source: Zero's Tea Time Volume 1: Chapter 2, 3, 5, 6 (02, 03, 05, 06)
English version
English Title: TIME.2
English airdate: July 29, 2022
Cast: Rei Furuya
Azusa Enomoto
Midori Kuriyama
Yuya Kazami
Stray dog
Hiromitsu Morofushi
Shuichi Akai
Director: Tomochi Kosaka
Screenplay: Yoshiko Nakamura
Storyboard: Jiro Kanai
Iwao Teraoka
Episode Director: Tomochi Kosaka
Animation Director: Kyoko Yoshimi (chief)
Chie Saito (chief)
Tomoko Hayashi
FALCO Suzuki
Kozue Horanai
Chie Saito
Keiko Sasaki
Ai Nakatani
Character Design: Masatomo Sudo (supervisor)
Kyoko Yoshimi
Hiroshi Ogawa (prop design)
Opening song: Shooting Star
Closing song: Find the truth
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TIME.2 is the 2nd episode of Detective Conan spin-off Zero's Tea Time anime adaptation.

Characters introduced




Bourbon and Vermouth are having a dinner at a classy restaurant and are discussing some work. Later, the waiter bring a dessert, which use the cooking technique flambé where a type of alcohol is used on food and evaporate it using fire, adding flavor on the food without any traces. Bourbon mentioned that it is ironic as they are member of the Black Organization. Vermouth later notice that Bourbon looks worried, and assure that together with his skill, "It is a piece of cake."

The next day, Kuriyama come to Poirot and tell Amuro and Azusa that Eri has broke her own record for remaining undefeated. To celebrate it, she orders some sandwiches. Suddenly, Amuro receive a call from Danroku (Kazami's aliases). Amuro then tell Azusa that he has to leave early.

Kazami is later seen chasing a criminal on foot. While running through stairs, the criminal take out a knife and attack Kazami. Kazami loses his balance and falls down the stairs to one floor below. The criminal then enters the building and finds Rei. The criminal quickly attack him, but Rei manage to avoid te knife. Rei then send a punch to the criminal and knock them out. Rei later scold Kazami for his performance letely. He also mention that there are some bags under Kazami's eyes. Kazami admits that he did not get much sleep. Kazami's stomcah then growls, and he admits that he only had a bit of chocolate. Rei then advice him that their job require them to always be ready with worst case. Rei then decide to take Kazami to a restaurant.

Kazami offer himself to drive to the restaurant while Rei guide him, but Rei don't want to take risk and make Kazami sit at passenger side. On the way, Kazami tries to stay awake, but in the end he fall asleep.

At dawn, Rei decide to make some food using flambé technique. He is satisfied with the food, but in the end he make too many food. He then decide to give Kazami some. Later, he sees Kazami buying a can of corn soup at the park. He gives Kazami a meal box containing the food, before he goes somewhere else.

The weather is cloudy. Rei is at the riverbank, doing some exercises, like running, push-up, pull up, etc. When it suddenly rains, he goes under the bridge and starts exercising punching against the wall. He then starts thinking about Hiromitsu Morofushi. He then have flashback to Hiro's death, along with Shuichi Akai who was at the scene, asking why Akai let Hiro die.

Rei then get interupted by a stray dog. He approaches the dog, saying that the dog is alone as well. He later warns the dog not to follow him as it is still raining and the dog will get wet, before wearing his jacket hood and goes elsewhere.


  • Manga to anime changes

    • In the anime, Kazami only falls down the stairs to one floor below. In the manga, he nearly fell off from the buiding before he managed to reach the stairs' railing.
    • Some additional scenes that were not in the manga:
    • Amuro receiving a call from Danroku (Kazami) while at Poirot, then him telling Azusa that he have to leave early;
    • Rei and Kazami eating at the restaurant;
    • Rei going to the park to give some food to Kazami.
    • The anime only adapts the beginning of chapter 6, when Kuriyama orders some sandwiches.


    • In the Polish dub of this episode, the mention of Shuichi Akai is removed. Instead, Rei tells Kazami that his eyebags are like a panda's.


    In other languages

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of Poland Polish HERBATKA.2 TEA.2

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