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Episode 3

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Title: TIME.3
Original airdate: April 19, 2022
Season: 1
Manga source: Zero's Tea Time Volume 1: Chapter 7 (07), Zero's Tea Time Volume 2: Chapter 5, 6 (15, 16)
English version
English Title: TIME.3
English airdate: July 29, 2022
Cast: Rei Furuya
Azusa Enomoto
Yuya Kazami
Hiromitsu Morofushi
Wataru Date
Jinpei Matsuda 
Kenji Hagiwara 
Conan Edogawa
Director: Tomochi Kosaka
Screenplay: Yoshiko Nakamura
Storyboard: Iwao Teraoka
Episode Director: Kenji Takahashi
Animation Director: Kyoko Yoshimi (chief)
Chie Saito (chief)
Yui Ushinohama 
Miho Tanaka
Character Design: Masatomo Sudo (supervisor)
Kyoko Yoshimi
Yoko Miyazaki (prop design)
Opening song: Shooting Star
Closing song: Find the truth
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TIME.3 is the 3rd episode of Detective Conan spin-off Zero's Tea Time anime adaptation.




Bourbon is coming home from a case earlier. On the way, he has a cnversation with Vermouth, asking about how long he will be around Kogoro. When he said that he suddenly intersted in Sleeping Kogoro, Vermouth then ask about him how Kogoro sleep soundly, implying that she has sleeping problem. Bourbon then advice her to not going to bed after bathing, avoid looking at cellphone before bed, and having a type of tea with no caffeine.

That night, Rei is working on his laptop until 3 am. Before going to bed, he take a look at his friends' photos during police academy. Leter, he dreamed about his friends, especially Hiromitsu, who ask him to hurry up and come on over. He later awake at 5 am, remarking that he have lighter sleep after giving others some sleeping advice. He then come to Poirot, where Azusa notices his lack of sleep, and then proceeds to give him similar sleeping advice.

Another night, there is a chase involving a car and a police motorcycle. During the chase, the criminal manage to get rid of the policeman by crashing to him, resulting in the policeman falling down and getting injured. Rei, who saw the incident, decides to continue the chase using the police motorcycle. Knowing that he is being chased again, the criminal bump into a truck, which make the boxes inside the truck to fall off. One of the boxes hit Rei's head and knock off his helmet. Fortunately, he manages to get the helmet back, while stating the road traffic law about wearing helmet while driving a motorcycle.

In the end, he manage to corner the criminal at Tohto Harbor. Rei then tie the criminal at a warehouse, before contacting the police and leaving the scene secretly.

The next day, Rei and Kazami go to Dondy restaurant to have lunch. Kazami then ask about the band aid on Rei's head, with Rei responds that something happened yesterday. Kazami then talk about the criminal on the run who was found on Tohto harbor the day before, remarking that they are strugging to identify the person who caught the criminal. Rei then ask about the injured policeman, with Kazami directly says that the policeman is recovering, before asking back how Rei knows about the injured policeman. Rei then answers that the wind carried rumors.

They then proceed to order some curry. Rei orders a medium spicy chicken curry, while Kazami orders a very spicy beef curry. After the food arrives, Rei then start giving some advice when eating curry, like having some white leek instead of red soy sauce-pickled vegetables, and eat the potato alongside the curry. Kazami then follow the advice. However, he then realizes that the curry is too spicy, and decide to reach a glass of water. Rei then stops him, advicing that drinking water while eating curry will be rude to the curry, and one should only drink water after eating curry.

In the end, they both finish eating the curry. Kazami then reaches the glass of water and drinks it. He is relieved for a while, but when the spiciness come back, he reaches the big jar and drink from it directly.


  • Manga to anime changes

    • The restaurant is originally a Donny's which previously appeared in the Detective Conan manga, but it is changed in the anime for Dondy.


    • The beginning of the episode is a direct continuation from the last scene of Conan in a Locked Room (Episode 706).


    In other languages

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of Poland Polish HERBATKA.3 TEA.3

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