Memories of the Border

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Chapter 1083

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Title: Memories of the Border
Japanese title: 境目の思い出
(Sakaime no Omoide)
Original release: December 8th, 2021
Shōnen Sunday issue: #2-3/2022
Volume: 102
Pages: 16
Anime adaptation: Episode 1123: The Body on the Gunma-Nagano Border (Part 1)
Episode 1124: The Body on the Gunma-Nagano Border (Part 2)
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Memories of the Border (境目の思い出 Sakaime no Omoide?) is the 1083rd chapter of the manga of Detective Conan. It was written by Gosho Aoyama, drawn by him and his assistants and first released in Shōnen Sunday #2-3/2022 on December 8, 2021 and has been published as part of Volume 102 on September 15, 2022.







Inspector Yamamura confirms that he recognizes Morofushi as Hiromitsu's brother since they have the same eyes. He also says that he was friends with him when they were young and that they had built a hideout in a forest between Nagano and Gunma. Morofushi tells Yamamura that due to certain circumstances[1], his brother had to leave to the city, not mentioning their parents' deaths. Yamamura says that he waited a long time for Hiromitsu without knowing that he left, since he had promised to show him a Kamen Yaiba card. Inspector Yamato then teases him, asking how old was he to still like Kamen Yaiba, to which Yamamura replies that when he was young, it was the prime years of Kamen Yaiba, and that he made a promise with Hiromitsu to become a crime avenger. He also says that his liking for policewomen in TV shows made him join the force. When Yamamura asks for contact information to reach out to his old friend, Morofushi says that he doesn't have any information and that his brother "quit the police force" a few years ago[2]. Yamamura also adds that he was called Mit-chan by Hiro, because he his name was written in katakana (ミサオ). When Kogoro asks why he said that about his name, Yamamura says that Hiromitsu said something about his name that reminded him of the border. In fact, at their hideout, they had lined a pile of rocks to draw the prefectural border and created two openings on each side of the border (and exit [出口] and an entrance [入り口]). Hiromitsu would also refer to the entrance as "Mitchan's house", which was weird, since it wasn't their actual house. The group can't seem to figure out the reason for Hiromitsu doing so, and also notice a similarity with the body that was on the border. Kogoro then interrupts them and asks if the weapon has be found. The Nagano detectives reveal that it wasn't found, but from the blood traces on the clothes found, it was probably wrapped around these clothes to form a blackjack (a sort of baton contained in a piece of cloth like a sock). Yui thinks that since it wasn't found, the culprit should be someone else, but Morofushi, Yamato and Conan maintain that it was probably one of three that accompanied him. To prove this, Conan asks to see the security footage again and asks the technician to rewind a bit further. In the footage, we see Tsukishima looking at the windows at his back, then at his watch, which proves that he was probably waiting for one of those three, since their windows were facing the parking lot. The group agrees on interrogating the suspects once again at their rooms. Before leaving, Yui whispers to Yamato that it is quite peculiar that Conan noticed this on his first watch, while they had to re-watch the footage at least twice. The first to be investigated is Yumi Nakata, who seems pissed about their arrival. Conan suddenly barges in and when Nakata asks why, Conan says that he wanted to confirm if she was the person that could be seen on the camera footage. As they look at it again, they can confirm that there was a shadow with a bob cut in the top left window, which confirms her alibi. As they exit the room, Kogoro knocks down a pile of pictures on the coffee table, and when she picks up a picture, Conan asks what was that picture. Nakata says that it was a group picture taken at a hot spring last month with the four of them (Tsukishima, Hanayama, Hoshikawa and Nakata). The fifth person is revealed by Nakata to be Chizu Yuba, a young girl they rescued from a car crash five years ago. It seems that they were filming a rescue drama and spotted the car near the cliff. The streamers were only able to save the girl, but the mother fell to her death with the car. The narration continues at Kyouko Hoshikawa's room and she says that they have become good friends with Yuba. Mysteriously, Yuba fell from the stairs at her apartment when the group came to celebrate her birthday. As of now, she was still in a coma, and Morofushi suggests that it may have been an attempted murder. Hoshikawa also confirms alibi by saying that she had a videoconference call with six friends and also says that her window was completely black in the security footage, since she closed the lights so she could use her ring light, which makes her appear better on screen. She says that the two others also have a ring light. The detectives then proceed to interrogate the last suspect, Senta Hanayama. In his room, Yui tests the ring light and praises how good it makes her look, to Yamato's distaste. When he is asked for an alibi, he says that he was watching a show, but doesn't want to say what it was, which raises suspicion on him. Hanayama continues by saying that he called room service and that when they came, he shouted back at them to leave him alone. From this, Kogoro deduces that he must have been masturbating, which confirms his alibi. The private eye also asks him what he thought of Chizu Yuba's "accident" and Hanayama says that he doesn't know what happened, but remembered that Tsukishima seemed quite panicked after the events. Hanayama then receives a call, and the detectives notice that he has two phones, one for work and one for personal uses, and quickly hangs up the call, as it seemed someone had wrongly ordered soba. The group then decide to eat at a soba restaurant. At the restaurant, Kogoro praises the shinshu-soba, which angries Yamamura, who says that that the joshu-soba is better. They continue to discuss on the case, and note that the suspects had a sewing set (Nakata), a boxcutter (Hoshikawa) and a scissors (Hanayama), but none of them could have been used as a weapon. After seeing Kogoro loosen his tie and belt, Yamamura notices that Kogoro's position to be similar to the crab-shaped position the victim was in. Conan asks Yamamura what kind of footwear Tsukishima wore, and he says that he wore black boots. Conan then figures out Hiromitsu's message and says to Yamamura that the sign was probably dangling vertically, which Yamamura confirms. Also, the character for mouth (口) had its vertical strokes fading off. With all this information, the looks on Conan, Yamato and Kansuke's faces change completely. The case is starting to unveil itself...




Shonen Sunday #2-3/2022.
  • The issue of Shonen Sunday #2-3/2022 shows Haruka Kaki from Nogizaka 46, although Ran and Conan in their winter outfits can be seen in the upper right corner.
  • From what Yamamura says about Kamen Yaiba, the show must have started between 30 and 25 years ago.


The Body on the Gunma-Nagano Border (episodes 1123-1124)

  • Some original scenes and dialogues are added:
  • The mother and her son at the beginning has additional dialogues in the anime after parting away with Kogoro.
  • Yamamura, Yamaoto, and Yui's meeting during the events in The Raven Chaser is directly shown with scenes from the movie, (albeit redrawn) instead of being vague.
  • The anime add more flashback scenes of younger Hiro and Yamamura.
  • The reaction of Komei, Yamato, and Yui after Yamamura suggests that Joshu soba is better.
  • Kogoro saying that he need to loosen his belt and tie after eating soba.
  • Some scenes are not adapted:
  • Ran suggests that they go to one of the restaurants with high star rating.
  • Conan asking who Kogoro is going to ask for food recommendation.
  • Kogoro's monologue after Yamamura finishes his call.
  • The scene when the culprit hit the victim for the third time.
  • Senta saying that almost all streamers want to make themselves look better, after Kogoro asking that he brought a ring light.
  • Senta mentioning his words when he was talking to the hotel staff through the door.
  • Yamamura imagining what Kazuki was thinking while waiting at the parking lot.
  • Conan asking Kogoro if his explanation about the trick is right.
  • In the manga, the photograph of Hiro and Yamamura is shown to have outline, which indicate that Yamamura took a picture of the photograph. In the anime, the outline is not shown.
  • In the manga, Ran's monologue about Liu Bei's famous line is only said from her heart. In the anime, she says it out loud.

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  1. ^ After the murder of their parents 22 years ago, Taka'aki and Hiromitsu moved out of their house and Hiromitsu was sent to Tokyo, hence why they couldn't meet. Also, given that the murder happened between 21 and 22 years ago, Hiromitsu was between 6 and 8, and Yamamura would have been around the same age as Hiromitsu.
  2. ^ Hiromitsu never left the police force. In fact, he wasn't in the regular force in the first place. He joined the PSB and died in mission three to four years ago, which was why he can't be contacted.
Volume 102