The Other Perpetrator

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Chapter 5

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Title: The Other Perpetrator
Japanese title: もう一人の犯人
(Mō Hitori no Hannin)
Original release: February 2nd, 1994
Shōnen Sunday issue: #9/1994
Volume: 1
Pages: 16
Anime adaption: Episode 2: Company President's Daughter Kidnapping Case
Viz Media version
English title: The Other Perpetrator
English release: September 7, 2004
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The Other Perpetrator (もう一人の犯人 Mō Hitori no Hannin?) is the fifth chapter of the manga of Detective Conan. It was written by Gosho Aoyama, drawn by him and his assistants and first released in Shōnen Sunday #9/1994 on February 2nd, 1994 and later on reprinted as part of Volume 1 on June 18th, 1994.



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Conan Edogawa, still getting beaten up by the kidnapper, gets unexpected help by Jumbo, who went back to the Tani residence and returns to the Futatsubashi Middle School, first bringing Ran Mouri with him, who makes short work of the culprit with her karate skills. All seems well that ends well, Mr. Asou and Akiko Tani explain the situation to her father, Kogoro is proud of himself and Conan is allowed to move into the Mouri Detective Agency.


  • This chapter is a direct continuation of File 4 and it's still the same evening/night as in chapters 1-4.
  • Fifth chapter of the so-called "Conan Arc", a fan-coined term.



Real Life Models

Futatsubashi Middle School

Futatsubashi Middle School the kidnapper keeps Akiko Tani at is a play on the real Hitotsubashi Middle School in Chiyoda Ward ("hitotsu" = "one", "futatsu" = "two").


The Yayoi District Kogoro and Ran Mouri as well as Conan Edogawa drive to for this case and where the Tani family lives is a real district of Tokyo in the Bunkyō Ward.

Shōnen Sunday Q&A

Every issue of the Shōnen Sunday features a question asked by the magazine to the manga artists featured in it. The one accompanying this chapter was:

Something that you are particular about, that you cannot miss doing is that
"Furniture must absolutely be unified in black."
(Translation by justwantanaccount)


  • This is the first time Ran Mouri knocks out a culprit with her incredible karate skills.
  • The skyscraper in the background at the end of the chapter resembles the real Sunshine 60 in the Toshima Ward a bit again Gosho Aoyama lived close to until around the start of Detective Conan. A similar building appears in the second half of Yaiba and during early Detective Conan (including the Omakes) a lot in background shots.


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