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  1. I still think he will need others to step a bit in the playoffs Ofc im calculating that he will play like this when they get there I only think that bogut was a mistake But his contract was big Ezeli was bad Im kinda disapointed in mcgee He has the athletic ability to play with them and he us same old shaqtin player And zaza...didnt he have 11reb per game last year Whats up with that What i like about the lakers is that they are deep No one is playing over 30 And everyone scores Ingram with years is going to be our laker KD So the future is bright Twolves have not been good
  2. No The fighting is still lame if you want to compare But fo real Uf you want mortals dead then wish for it The idea of switching body with a goku from some universe is...whaaa Everyting is a ripoff but done bad Also too many hair colors But its great to see vegitto back
  3. Loving the fact that demar has been living up to his contract and that the raptors are doing great Memphis overpayed someone just a bit Westbrook wont avg a triple double for an entire season Gsw have a rebounding problem Clippers the usual How about them luke walton lakers And the losess gave been the kind of that were from those with not a lot of exp Playoffs...???
  4. I have ben ffwing it You are right that it still looks dumb and dumbed down With certain characters out of character and power lvls making no sense anymore Its like dont train blow your mind I will give the dub a chance Might be different taaste in my head
  5. Sorry bro But GL wont be making it to the tv screens anytime soon You can see that they dont have money to pull it of The more superhetos the bigger the cost Have you ever noticed in flas how many of those runing squences are reused Why they do those monster metas like 2 per season I said let grodd be conttoling a human to get around instead of cgiing him as a main villain of a season Grodd is a great characer but limited cause the budget does not suport him Supergirl is trying to make it up by story and not much efects anymore which was the reason she got cancled at cbs Not many viewers per budget costs While arrows season 5 has washed away that bad taste of the last season They use bad guys who are more earth made then space made I do know that berlanti would make a any dc character he can get his hands on but he is restricted Man i wish they just put batman in there already Also you can see that while they will use a name like flashpoint as based of of the comic its not flashpoint that we want I dont think crissis would be either Even the one where they are in 2046 was somewhat half decent
  6. has anyone been catching up on the show
  7. i think its 30-40 min more to wait nice to have you back 837 was a tad boring to me, the ending was ok loved the soundtrack from the old days throwback next episode seems interesting sure a murder in mid air has happened bu this time on a balloon
  8. 836 was fairly good dont like this new time of release
  9. i did notice that and was like wtf you see it and nothing
  10. have to say that 835 kept things interesting as a two parter, i loved it
  11. 834 was pretty interesting reminds me of a certain episode that i cant put my finger on
  12. 833 was better then i expected, it was nice next episode looks ˝promising˝ also when Ran was reading the newspapers and that picture of a girl eating ramen kinda looks like the girl from that episode where a ramen shop guy impersonated a cop to protect her
  13. Dont see what the fuss is about. If its an AO its not related to the DC plot but its there for your enjoyment. All you said is true, There will always be good/bad episodes and good/bad chapters. Now while i love DC im not enjoying it now like i used to. I also would have loved that some AO episodes and movies would have been canon an some episodes and chapters like never happened
  14. finally the third chapter is out the first 2 were good, but now put it into high gear
  15. i feel the same, the manga was a bit better then the anime episodes but overall it was a good 3-parter i miss sleeping kogoro in conan and heiji cases
  16. 831 was 50:50 for me the first half was boring but the second got things going part 3 will be great
  17. 830 is out been looking forward to this one nice intro well done
  18. Cinemas do give away a diff vibe when watching a movie. But you had fun with it so its a win
  19. the zombie case was not as great as the previous monster cases, to me, but overall good i am looking forward to that one but i was expecting it in october
  20. But dont you think he could have gone for 20-25M a season. He can get some bench help. And all those othere deals, the nike alone will make him a billioner
  21. @kirsch No i have not watch that one, but it sounds like its up my ally to try it
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