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  1. I'm not a Manga reader, but this reveal gave me a big shock and a bit of confusion. I mean why did Gosho decide to reveal this now? I feel like Conan is near the end now. Regarding my confusion, there is something that I don't understand;
  2. Just wanted to "Thank you" for the awesome work that you do here..especially your contribution to this site and the theories.. 

  3. Nevermind I just remembered that he is Kaito's accomplice.
  4. Hi, I just finished re watching Mystery Train arc and at the end of episode 704 I saw this man behind Vermouth: I want to know who this man is, when he appeared and what he was doing on the Train. I am 100% positive that I saw him in some episode..don't remember where.. http://imgur.com/5f9CzF0 and he seems to be pointed out in this scene.
  5. Thanks but did he know that Conan is Schinchi? or doesn't he know till now?
  6. Did Conan know from the beginning that Akai was disguising himself as Subaru Okiya? and his plan all along? because when Eisuke Hondou told him that he heard that a FBI agent died Conan smiled and said everything is good. Furthermore Conan let him (Subaru) reside at his house like nothing?
  7. Am I the only one who is messing Kogoro in this movie?
  8. Huh? what's the point of showing the eyes then? and in two different colors.
  9. Weren't the eyes that were revealed in the trailer his?
  10. You're beast! keep up the hard work ;)

  11. I've got another questions which really confuse me, why is it so easy to infiltrate the BO? so many has done it already and they didn't get caught? ( as soon as I remember). Why doesn't Anokate know about Vermouth's traitorous behavior? when she is his favorite and so close to him? is he that stupid? to be deceived by woman? or he does know yet doesn't make anything about it? How come the BO couldn't hide it's existente completely? Sine we know that RUM is second in the organization doesn't that make the BO quit small organization? we already know who is second in lead..
  12. What about this then? It shows that the informant was STILL in the Hospital?
  13. Before some days ago I watched DC episode 317, and I got to say that I don't understand this Anime anymore or if they did it on purpose, In that episode it seems like Conan doesn't care if his identity gets exposed, like seriously shooting his stun gun facing Muri's face? and talking in Muri's voice facing the inspectors? that was really stupid of him/them or whatever.
  14. Which episodes?
  15. Another thing, where is Heji's guestbook? how come I had not seen it? is it out in the Anime? if not what's the manga chapter that appears in it? thanks. Aside from that, I think the Boss is someone who is dying, due to the facts: one, his message to Vermouth: From this we could speculate that the Boss needs Vermouth to his side maybe to attend him(?) also if we look at the underlined words, we could conclude that the Boss needs her most of the time to his side, owning to one day is too much freedom relatively for him. Two, The Boss communicate with other members with email/messages, from this we could speculate that the Boss can't talk because of his illness or to hide his personality after taking the drug that shrunk him and changed his voice to a kid's voice.(?) (Meaning that Vermouth knows that, probably that's why she acts on her own sometimes -like hiding Conan/Haibra identites- although she is the closest to the Boss, yet, I don't think that the Boos is that stupid to let a woman -popular one- to act on her own without any observation UNLESS he is ill, or as I stated before he took the drug and shrunk, however there is a third possibility and that is the Boss knows what Vermouth is doing behind his back, still, not making a move.)
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