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  1. I'm pretty sure he's alive and I'm pretty sure responding a two+ year old topic and not really providing anything to the conversation is probably not a good idea. I am locking this.
  2. well that was one of the funniest hours ever. Time for my long-needed nap.

  3. "I want to see more Call of Duty games." I can already tell you and I will never have anything in common.

  4. Wario just revealed a new game featured in Game & Wario! ASHLEY! Visit #Crowdfarter to help make his game a reality. http://t.co/GQItEQt6gu

  5. What the hell, and now Ray Manzarek is dead, what the fuck is wrong with today?!

  6. Granted I'm not up in arms about this because if someone offered me a billion dollars I'd sell too.

  7. I'm proud that I got something over three hours of sleep last night.

  8. Shittttt, Dragon's Lair is on Steam, I need to purchase it ASAP!!

  9. I'm one of those people that think McDonald's breakfast is the best thing ever.

  10. Don't get it at all to be honest, and overall it's very disappointing. That being said everything else in this chapter is interesting so far

  11. guys did you know there's high school level drama amongst people who race video games on the internet? Because that shit is hilarious

  12. Game Center CX... What the hell took me so long to watch this show? It's tailored for me!!

  13. An era of television died tonight. That was a beautiful finale. Despite all of the ups and downs in the end, I will miss The Office.

  14. So many YouTube videos I have to watch, all my subscribers updated pretty much today, but The Office finale comes first!!

  15. High five to any fellow insomniacs who are somehow still up. Who's bored?

  16. whoops I should shower already

  17. I wish The Avengers fandom would stop thinking they're the reason Coulson is alive in the S.H.I.E.L.D. series. That was the plan all along.

  18. Maybe I should play some video games. Yeah, that's a good idea.

  19. I need to buy something good if I want to play video games I guess.

  20. I bought Terraria, will debate on buying Proteus.

  21. This is tempting to pick up, even though I have one already: http://t.co/OW95oQiyan

  22. so the Rockman 4: Minus Infinity soundtrack is pretty awesome, I gotta say.

  23. Also, holy shit, everyone PLEASE look at that My Little Pony link I just retweeted, it needs to be seen to be believed.

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