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  1. Other than Detective Conan, of course, are there any other television shows that you regularly watch? I always make sure to catch the latest episode of: The Soup Real Time with Bill Maher Family Guy What about everyone else?
  2. CarpetCrawler

    What Was the Last Video Game You Played?

    Simple, just post the last video game you played. If it was a PC game, say so! Console game? Name the console! I played some Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires a few days ago on the XBox 360. I love the Dynasty Warriors series. 4 is the greatest one, bar none. The new one, 6, REALLY sucked though. I REALLY hope they fix up the junk in the new one coming out...
  3. CarpetCrawler

    What Was the Last Food You Ate?

    Simple, just list the last food you ate.
  4. CarpetCrawler

    Where is Everyone From?

    Let's list the country and state we're all from. I'm from the good ol' USA, and live in New York! I love it here, even though it's probably one of the most expensive states to live in. I hope my family doesn't have to move away in the near future! Anyway, where is everyone else from?
  5. CarpetCrawler

    DCW Alumni List on Twitter

    Hi, folks!! I'm trying to make a Twitter list of people who are members of this message board. https://twitter.com/#!/CarpetCrawlerDC/dcw-alumni I've added a lot of folks, but I most certainly do not have everyone. If you've got a Twitter account, lemme know by posting a reply with the URL to your account, so I can add you!!
  6. Simple, list the last song that you listened to, as well as the artist. Billy Joel - You're Only Human (Second Wind)
  7. CarpetCrawler

    Favorite Episodes

    So, let's all talk about our favorite episodes! What's your favorite episode?
  8. CarpetCrawler

    Favorite movie?

    What is everyone's favorite Detective Conan movie? I've only seen the first two, but I just LOVE the second movie! I am a sucker for the murder mysteries, so it really whetts my appetite. The dead body in the aquarium: Yowza! Scared the beejeebus out of me when I first saw it! So, what about everyone else?
  9. CarpetCrawler

    Garnet Crow breaking up in June

    Garnet Crow, the band behind various opening and closing songs in Detective Conan, is going to be breaking up in June. More details can be found here: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2013-03-30/japanese-rock-band-garnet-crow-to-split-up-in-june Kinda sad to hear, Garnet Crow was awesome and I'm gonna miss 'em, especially since Detective Conan openings tend to be flat lately...
  10. CarpetCrawler

    Pokémon Fans, Anyone?

    Anyone a Pokémon fan? I mean the games, mostly, but the anime as well. I have been a fan since the days of Red/Blue/Green, but the later games I find to be a little too much. For the past few months I've been playing Soul Silver and completely love it, though!! The best new Pokémon game, most definitely... Just last night I beat Red and caught Groudon! Now I'm waiting for my brother to catch Kyogre so I can go after Rayquaza. Before then, I spent most of my time training, since I've done almost everything I can do in the game, I think, other than special events. All I need to do is now catch all of the Unown's, catch a large Magikarp for the dude at Lake of Rage, catch Latios/Latias/whichever of the two I have, catch the dogs, finish collecting money for Porygon, and collect the magical leaves (For my Espeon.) Not much storyline wise, other than the events. Is anyone else a Pokégamer?
  11. CarpetCrawler

    Pizza Toppings

    What are your favorite pizza toppings? I love pizza, and I am fine with all sorts of toppings. - Cheese - Sausage - Pepperoni - Meatball - Ziti - Buffalo chicken - Mushrooms - Bacon - Penne ala vodka. OMG, this is amazing on pizza. <3 - And oddly enough... Hawaiian pizza is pretty damn good. Tried it for the first time last year and I actually really, REALLY liked it.
  12. CarpetCrawler

    Happy Birthday, Shinichi!!

    \o/ Happy Birthday to Shinichi!! What would you like to give Shinichi as a Birthday present? Tweet it to me, and I'll re-tweet the best ones. <3 https://twitter.com/#!/CarpetCrawlerDC/status/65671332909694976
  13. CarpetCrawler

    Favorite Characters?

    What are everyone's favorite characters? More than one can be listed, and why. Let's get some discussion going here!
  14. CarpetCrawler

    Favorite AO Episodes

    What are you favorite episodes that are NOT based on the manga? Here's my list: 184: "A Cursed Mask Coldly Laughs". Probably one of the creepiest episodes, and one that was actually really well written for an AO. This one to me actually felt like it was a manga case, and I was very surprised when I learned it wasn't. This, as well as the other AO one hour special from the timeframe, 209's "The Entrance to the Maze" is another highly underrated story. 175: "The Man Who Was Killed Four Times". Probably one of the more fun cases in the show. I just love the absurdity of it. 88-89: "Dracula's Villa Murder Case". I especially loved how the guy dug his own grave by slipping up and saying he could hear what was going in when listening to sealed door. Another creepy case. 92-93: "The Fearful Traversing Murder Case". Very early in the show, there were some REALLY excellently written cases that were AO's. This one is definitely one of those. The motive was very obvious, but too obvious for you to put two and two together. And quite an interesting plot twist! 124-125: "A Mysterious Sniper Murder Case". Mostly nostalgic reasons for this one, as it was the first fansubbed case I ever watched. 161: "The Murder Floating in Ryusuitei". I love how the murder happened. So goofy that I can DEFINITELY imagine someone doing it in real life. 276: "Case of the Missing Policeman's Notebook". Love Takagi episodes, and this one is a classic. I love the shot of Takagi with his head down while 100 foot tall Megure-zilla is yelling at him and telling him that he's fired. 282-283: "The Mystery of the Water Flowing Stone Garden". I wish this one was available with better subs, than the crappy HK subs... it's a really fun case. 471: "The Out of Control Rental Car". I love Kogoro in this episode. He's just so calm and collected, even when he understands that he has to keep driving at that certain speed. Everything past the 300's is either hit-or-miss. Some of my recent favorite AO's are the fireflies one that recently aired, and the two part case where Kogoro "gives up" the detective agency. How about you?
  15. CarpetCrawler

    Detective Conan World Podcast

    Click the spoiler button for links to older episodes. 3/15/13: Episode 32. On the premiere episode of 2013, special guest Melkior fills-in kinda last minute for Chekhov and does a fantastic job for being a first-time guest. Everyone explains what they did during the Winter, and Southpaw reads her resume on the air. We call Gosho Aoyama out on various issues, including how inexcusably long the Bourbon arc was, as well as how much of a poor romance writer he is. But the entire thing isn't anti-Gosho!! We swear!! Melkior talks about her fandom history, as well as running an Ask Gin and Vodka RP blog on Tumblr, and we all get into an interesting discussion about Gin and Sherry's relationship (and even a discussion about the APTX). Also, Southpaw has Tokumei Sentai GoBusters feels and Skyechan discusses the latest with her rewatch. She's in the 500's, so... yeah, feel sorry for her. We also talk *a lot* about pairings, so if you're a shipping fan, this podcast is the one for you!! Manga spoilers from 4:32-5:43. Length: 1 hour and 26 minutes MP3 download link: Here Streaming link: Here
  16. With the latest Shonen Sunday comes the latest news about the new movie. We now have more information than ever about it, hence I shall start this new topic here. The title of the movie will be Private Eye in the Distant Sea, it will debut on April 20th, 2013, and will take place on a vessel, via Anime News Network: Image: http://www.manga-news.com/index.php/actus/2012/11/16/17eme-film-pour-Detective-Conan
  17. CarpetCrawler


    Discuss Bourbon in here. What's your theory on this person? My theory is that "Scar Akai" is Bourbon, and he's trying to lure out Shuu, who he knows is still alive, by pretending to look like him and hoping that he'll notice. Now, this may mean that Okiya is... the real Shuu? I don't know, that's just what I think. What do you guys think?
  18. Discuss all pony-related things in here. <3 Also, discuss: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XB2ildXxf-M&feature=player_embedded
  19. I'm pretty sure he's alive and I'm pretty sure responding a two+ year old topic and not really providing anything to the conversation is probably not a good idea. I am locking this.
  20. well that was one of the funniest hours ever. Time for my long-needed nap.

  21. "I want to see more Call of Duty games." I can already tell you and I will never have anything in common.

  22. Wario just revealed a new game featured in Game & Wario! ASHLEY! Visit #Crowdfarter to help make his game a reality. http://t.co/GQItEQt6gu

  23. What the hell, and now Ray Manzarek is dead, what the fuck is wrong with today?!

  24. Granted I'm not up in arms about this because if someone offered me a billion dollars I'd sell too.