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  1. YES! The keyhole character for Volume 74 is indeed Goro. I'm really glad that Gosho didn't use another one-case character. I'm probably feeling more excited about this than I should be but whatever. xD
  2. My thoughts and prayers are with Virginia Tech right now during this time of crisis. Hang in there everyone! The gunman will be captured.

    1. Henry Gordan

      Henry Gordan

      ? what has happened at there

    2. Jigsaw


      A shooting. Two people dead.

  3. I recently purchased Case Closed: The Time-Bombed Skyscraper for a really good bargain after noticing I could watch it with Japanese audio & English subtitles instead of the standard English dubbed version. Shortly after, an online fansub site announced that they would be subtitling the movie again for its HD release. As of now, I have yet to watch this or any movies other than 13 and 14, so I was wondering if someone could give me advice and answer some questions. Would you recommend I wait for the new HD fansubbed version or watch the FUNimation version that I bought? Does anyone know how accurate the FUNimation subtitles are? Is the movie itself edited or censored in the localization process? I've tried to keep myself as uninformed as possible about the movie to avoid being spoiled, so I'm hesitant to do my own research. Thank you in advance!
  4. I think you guys are right about Chiba's car. Thanks! Here are two more cars. The second car's photos seem slightly inconsistent with each other, however, so I'm not sure how accurate they are. Yui Uehara's car Fusae Campbell's car (No good shots of the car from the manga)
  5. I have absolutely no expertise with cars, but I gathered a few pictures of two cars that can hopefully be identified. Detective Chiba's car London case car (Not sure if it belongs to Juno Glass or Ares Ashley) Hope this helps!
  6. This is more of an off-topic observation then anything else mind you... Regardless of whom he is or what his role in the plot is, I wish Gosho had thrown Amuro (and Sera for that matter) at us ages ago. We've had Subaru lurking in the shadows for what seems to be forever now, and then later we were introduced to Scar Akai. Concerning those two, the story's pacing seemed rather slow, but recently, Gosho seems to be throwing everything at us all at once. If the Bourbon Arc is starting to wrap up, it will leave a bitter taste in my mouth. Of course, that is assuming everything will be coming to an end shortly after File 800.
  7. Most likely. The keyhole characters for volumes 75 and 76 seem to be set in stone. It will be a complete shock to me if Miike isn't chosen for 75 and Amuro for 76. As for now, I think the major question is who will be chosen for 74. We have a little over a month left until we find out for sure. I'm still hoping for Goro the cat.
  8. Or perhaps in another flashback from her past.
  9. I use the term 'lost' loosely. =P His purpose in the plot was served, but that doesn't mean he had to leave altogether. Not to say that he'll never return, but he hasn't been around in a few years.
  10. Since the early days of Detective Conan, characters have come and gone. Some are obviously more important than others, but nonetheless, nothing saves them from a total lack of acknowledgement later on. When was the last time we say Ayako? Other than being mentioned during the Sealed Window Case, we haven't actually seen her since the first showdown between Conan and Kaito Kid. Then there's Eisuke who simply returned to America after his importance to the plot ended following the Clash of Red and Black arc. Araide shares a similar situation with Eisuke, minus a few anime exclusive episodes. We've also got Yoko and Hideo who appear occasionally on television or for a brief panel or two in the manga, and lesser characters such as the Hatamoto family and students from Class 1-B who have popped up once or twice since their respective cases. Then we have characters like Inspector Momose and Yuminaga who appear very seldom, even when a case involves robbery or arson. While times certainly change, as do an individual character's importance, who do you wish to see return to the series?
  11. According to this Anime News Network article I was reading earlier, the former voice actor of Mouri Kogoro, Akira Kamiya, has been hospitalized after an MRI examination showed "a small lesion". As the term is slightly uncommon, I looked up the word on an online dictionary website and pulled up the following definition for anyone who is curious: "Lesion - Any localized, abnormal structural change in the body." While this is about as detailed a report as you'll get on what exactly was found in the examination, it has been announced that Kamiya will need several week's worth of hospitalization for treatment. As such, all his current work has been postponed until further notice. Although it doesn't sound life threatening, keep him in your prayers everyone!
  12. Hey everyone. While I've been around the Wikia for a few months now, I've never actually been on the forums until just recently. Anyways, I just wanted to introduce myself properly here since I hope to become active on the forums now. I'm Jigsaw. There we go.
  13. Rather than having another throw-away character in a Keyhole, I'm hoping that for Volume 74, we'll get our furry feline friend Goro. While not appearing directly, a lot of emphasis is placed on him during Files 775-777. I'd call it a long shot since Gosho has never had an animal in the Keyhole before, but I'd much rather Goro than the maid who will likely not show up again. As for Volume 75, I think it's definitely safe to say that Miike has that Keyhole reserved. If not, perhaps the Imposter Kogoro, but I'm leaning towards Miike.
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