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  1. In 30 minutes, I'm going to be showing some Detective Conan goodness. Come join us if you wish! http://original.livestream.com/jiffyfrose

  2. ranandshinichi4eva

    Say hello to Patsuko!

    Hey girlie! I'm glad you are finally here. I hope you enjoy your time on this site
  3. ranandshinichi4eva

    Count to One Million [Forum Game]

  4. ranandshinichi4eva

    Did you ever get scared watching DC?

    The one case that scared me shitless when I was a kid was the Mountain Villa Murder Case (that's what they called it in English) and I remember being afraid to get out of my bed the night I watched it (It was on Adult Swim, so that was the only time it came on). In my defense, I was 12.
  5. ranandshinichi4eva

    Ban the Person Above You [Forum Game]

    banned for having "Moon" in your username
  6. ranandshinichi4eva

    Pisco Dub Clip

    love this!
  7. ranandshinichi4eva

    Konnichiwa! new detective conan fan here :3

    Welcome to the site! I have been a fan of Detective Conan for approximately 11 years now.
  8. ranandshinichi4eva

    Opening 41 -- "Nazo" by La Pompon

    I was so excited when I found out that Opening 41 was a cover for Nazo. I absolutely loved this song when it was performed for Opening 3 and I <3 how they are bringing it back.
  9. ranandshinichi4eva

    Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F

  10. ranandshinichi4eva

    Help with Detective Conan Links?

    Hi everybody! I run a Confessions blog, and I wanted to be able to provide my followers with links to all of the different areas of the fandom (Like this site, DCTP, etc.), however, I need help. Does anybody know of any important links for the fandom?
  11. ranandshinichi4eva

    Ban the Person Above You [Forum Game]

    Banned for being younger than me.
  12. ranandshinichi4eva

    Would you prefer if DC had a happy ending ?

    I want a really happy ending for DC. I believe that Ran and Shinichi will end up together. It would not surprise me, however, if Ai got killed. I wouldn't want her to die because she is one of my favorite characters. Also, how would Ran react when Shinichi tells her he was Conan the whole time? She would be mad for a bit, but I think she would get over it and she will live happily ever after with Shinichi.
  13. ranandshinichi4eva

    Conan says "Oi,oi" for 10 min. Can you survive it?

    Glad we're on the same page
  14. I would choose to switch lives with Sonoko because I think it would be interesting to know how she lives. I'd also want to live as Shuichi Akai because he's a bamf FBI agent. I would not like to live as Haibara. As much as I would love to know what it's like to be her life, I would hate to live wondering if the BO would find me.