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  1. She has been attempting to sign up with Facebook and Twitter.
  2. She redid the router and her computer, as well as using a different email, and she still got the same message.
  3. She got this after she clicked on "I agree to the Terms of Use" and " Create My Account" after filling everything else in.
  4. I got a friend into DC recently (the more, the merrier, right?) and I showed her this website and she wanted to join, but when she clicked "Create Account" she got this little message: https://gyazo.com/a310536291790e4461bdf0e8de623055 I'm not sure what's going on. She's never been a part of this forum before. And I've never heard of this happening? Does anyone know what's going on?
  5. Hey you guys! On FF.net, I have a story entitled The Greatest Power of All is Love. It's been on hiatus for a little while now, but I hope I can resume writing it soon. In case any of you guys would like to read it, here's a link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3483983/1/The-Greatest-Power-of-All-is-Love
  6. My least favorite movie was the 11th one. There were some cute moments in there, but overall it was blah.
  7. Even though I started this anime with the English version, I like the Japanese version better. I don't know what it is, but for some reason the anime doesn't sound complete unless it's in Japanese.
  8. The funny thing is that I believe Gosho Aoyama said that since he at first thought DC wasn't going to last very long, the boss was actually shown somewhat early in the series. That's right, we've already seen Ano Kata, the question is, who is he?
  9. I would like to give everyone a big hello! I had been a part of the DC fandom for a bit under a different account (I was RinandSess a few years back) but I lost access to it. However, since it's been a long time, I would like to reintroduce myself. So hello everyone! Actually, my username used to be ranandshinichi4eva on this website a while back.
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