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  1. I recently heard that a while back about a Gosho Aoyama interview...
  2. Thanks! It really does. He'll get their eventually XD
  3. Here's another that was a color palette challenge!
  4. I've seen a lot of good art and I hope you don't mind if I share mine as well! I haven't been drawing fanart long, but I hope to draw more in the future!
  5. I'm not really the biggest fanfiction reader, but lately I've run into two very excellent stories! I'm looking for stories that have somewhat similar feel. They were plot related that really feels like it could very well happen in the actual story itself. It can be anime canon or manga canon, though I prefer manga canon. The purely shipping ones are the main ones I'm discouraging people on posting. Soft romance that you would see in Detective Conan is completely fine though. I lean more toward the drama aspect and the ever-almost-changing status quo. So if you have any that might fit these kind of descriptions please don't hesitate to post them! If you want to check out the examples I use please do! I will mention one is on hiatus a lot and it isn't finished, but I encourage other to encourage her to never let it go unfinished, as it is absolutely wonderful! Thanks! Stories: "The Case of the Missing Detective" by Krista Perry and "The Mystery of "Conan Edogawa" by funvince Both can be found on fanfiction.net!
  6. Well I did come across a particularly well written fanfiction that is currently not done and on hiatus, however it is because the author has a lot going on in her life, but what she has written so far, in my opinion, was really wonderful. The Case of the Missing Detective -> https://www.fanfiction.net/s/221985/1/The-Case-of-the-Missing-Detective
  7. I have also had these thoughts recently. I wondered why Gosho didn't draw out Ran's reaction to the fingerprints. She was there and Shinichi himself said the fingerprint was the evidence Heiji was referring to. When did Shinichi touch Heiji's charm?(As Conan of course. And Ran was still secretly suspicious at that time) Why did Ran not question about it further? Did she forget the time when Conan had the charm and almost got fatally stabbed? The time hasn't passed much(only half a year in the total story).Was he simply not wanting to touch that subject to hide the fact that Ran's suspicions could very well be enough to convince herself that she was right all along? Makes you think that maybe she really does know and is really good at keeping it buried enough Conan/Shinichi doesn't catch on.
  8. I know it's a very late reply but here's my answer. The shipping shouldn't really change. Sure Haibara's crush is cute, but the series has developed in Shinichi and Ran's favor. It would be a huge disappointment to a lot of fans to build their relationship pretty well through the series and then just end up with someone else.
  9. But you think too, it would change the status quo! It could be close to what it was, or go into total chaos. It could go in all kinds of directions! One side of me is dying for her to find out, but the other side says: Not yet..
  10. The biggest scenes I'd like to see: 1) Ran finally finding out Conan's real identity(possibly through Haibara). Basically scenes similar to that and their interactions toward that (dangerous) topic. you think, it would be a huge game changer and would change the status quo. 2) I would like to see all the main characters get involved in the fight against the Black Orginazation and them having their own battles while the main characters are for the main BO members. 3) of course Shinichi's life after the BO's defeat(if defeated that is.) 4) The future ShinRan and Ran's answer. I have more, but can't think of what they were..
  11. This might be a silly idea, but hear me out. I'm not 100% sure if the fact saying he didn't think DC would last three months and the boss's name was still revealed that early. From what I have gathered from Gosho's interviews, he has mentioned that the Boss' full name has appeared somewhere in the manga. If the fact rings true, even at the very beginning, when he mentioned in an interview, he didn't think it would last three months. If that's a huge possibility, why not start from the beginning and go three months into the manga and cut-off there, to see if there are in any suspects in there? Although this possibility might be too iffy to try.
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