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  1. Sorry for the double post, but I have new content unrelated to the previous to post: spoiler pics A Japanese person worked out the code by the way. It's not solvable for non-native speakers in my opinion.
  2. I was locked out of the site for a while until I figured out that blocking third party cookies seems to make Sucuri think you are a bot. Enable third party cookies for the login process, and when you are done, you can disable them again.
  3. The new Sucuri firewaall seems to be a bit hyperactive on the wiki. It's mistaking my edits for an SQL injection. My edit that triggered it was this: == ConanLoverA's family page == I undid your edits to User:ConanLoverA's families page. The reason why is because those pages are User:ConanLoverA's personal pages which are in his subspace. They are not general wiki pages. If you look at the url for those two pages, you can see they subdirectories of his username page. Personal space pages are not free for anyone to edit unless the owner gives permission. This is to let people keep personal projects, theories, and references as they want without interference from others. If you want to edit ConanLoverA's project, please go to the history tab, select the last revision made by you, copy the page source, and paste a copy in your own subspace. That new copy then becomes all yours to edit. [[user:Chekhov MacGuffin|'''<font color=#B22222">Chekhov</font> <font color="#2F4F4F">MacGuffin</font>'']] <sup>[[user talk:Chekhov MacGuffin|'''<font color=#696969">talk</font>'']]</sup> 01:32, 25 May 2016 (CEST) Where? --Arringtastic1992 01:35, 25 May 2016 (CEST) :To make a subpage, select your username. Then go to the url bar, add a slash /, and then the name of the subpage you want to create. Go to that blank page and edit it. For instance, [[user:Arringtastic1992/Example]] makes a page in your subspace called "Example". ~~~~ Incidentally, I think the edit summary might have been the trigger. The original edit summary was this: /* ConanLoverA's family page */ How to make a user subspace page. By removing both the opening /* and the closing */ I was able to edit the page. It seems that the presence of /* Example */ causes the problem. Removing either the opening or the closing markers (or both) allows the edit through. It doesn't seem to trigger on all pages though. I tried editing a section on a mainspace page and my userpage without it throwing an error.
  4. The in universe explanation for the name could be that an American unfamiliar with Japanese might inadvertently choose to spell his name the wrong way, not knowing there are two Japanese ways to spell the same name based on French and English. Maybe a Japanese advised him incorrectly. Even if he realizes the mistake later, if he has been using a certain spelling, he might just stick with it. Out of universe, Gosho might not realize that the two spellings for the same name are determined based on the national language of the foreigner. Japanese who don't deal with western foreigners on a semi-regular basis probably wouldn't know details like this.
  5. No one has bothered Conan for the soccer ball kicks to peoples' faces, breaking and entering, destruction of private and public property, underage drinking, impersonating police officers, tampering with evidence, tampering with the scene of the crime, administering drugs to civilians and police officers in the line of duty without consent, assisting foreign agents in an illegal investigation, assisting criminals, possession of forged documents, firing of handguns (illegal in Japan), reckless disregard of road rules, and contributing to the delinquency of minors.
  6. They do use チャールズ too. English-Japanese anything is linguistics voodoo. It sounds counter-intuitive, but it seems more Japanese hear the sound as "sha" rather than "cha" for whatever reason when the name is spoken. It happened to Char Aznable (シャア・アズナブル).
  7. I posted this at DCTP, but my theory is that the miner, Charles Abel, is left handed. In the cave-in, his left hand was buried, forcing him to write right handed. It's easier to write backwards with your offhand, and sometimes you even do it without paying attention. Thus the miner wrote his hiragana backwards, and sideways perhaps because he tilted his head. If he wrote in English, the tear lines indicate he wrote the message upsidedown relative to his position, which is too hard to do and plain not necessary. Further supporting the lefthanded theory is the leftward tilt of the central column of the hiragana As in the notebook. Forensic handwriting studies show that lefthanders tend to tilt their vertical letter strokes backwards relative to righthanders, and this tendency is carried over when writing scripts from other languages you aren't as familiar with. The clincher would be to see which direction he starts from when draws his horizontal lines such as when crossing a t or hiragana A. About the nue, I'm of the opinion there is some sort of optical illusion going on. I'm not sure what exactly, but it might have something to do with the slope of the land, building, and tilt of the trees, and perhaps modifications by the culprit, like some sort of "mystery spot" or outdoor ames room equivalent. The nue is probably the golden retriever dressed up and a tiny sign was prepared for it to pick up and carry away. The original sign was given a set of teeth marks and left for people to find. The other idea might have to do with the black smoke that always appears. the Nue could be some sort of projection or illusion caused by that, but I'm not sure of the mechanics. Suffice to say, the nue is a gimmick and the attention should be focused on why the culprit needed to create a nue first instead of pushing the vic down the stairs or something.
  8. シャルル is the Nipponization of Charles, and エイベル is Abel
  9. I've gotten completely used to it. I save a whitelist for commonly used pages. If it takes me 15 seconds to find the right combination of scripts to whitelist to let a page run, it doesn't even phase me a little, but if I am stopped by an autoplay ad or popup, I become incandescently angry. I think the difference is it's easy to tolerate pauses to make a page work than ones that are engineered by someone else to disrupt the experience. Surprisingly many pages are more functional and load faster as barebones html and css. Usually the stuff you don't need is the stuff that needs scripts. And f*** flash, seriously. If any of you don't like the idea of fiddling with scripts, I am sympathetic because it is a lot of work, but get yourself a flash blocker. Browsing the internet without a flash blocker active is like having blind roulette unprotected sex with the first person who pops up on tinder: ugly and virus laden. Nothing good on the internet comes in flash, except for old stick figure fighting animations.
  10. I wouldn't assume there is no danger. IPboard (the maker of the forum software) was in the news recently because an attacker hoped to push a botnet trojan via a vulnerability, but was blocked by security researchers alerting the forum makers of his intentions. That said, if you protect yourself by blocking flash and javascript, you are probably alright.
  11. Sounds like you need to flush your cache on your phone. A "fatal error" is an error that can't be shoved under the digital rug, so to speak. Browsers are often designed to handle websites with bad and contradictory code. Many times the browser will "push past" the error and some parts of the site will still work; such a thing is called "failing gracefully" or "fault tolerant". A fatal error is a fail badly-type error. It occurs when there is an error in critical code that keeps everything else from starting or continuing to function. That's why it is fatal, it kills the website dead instead of letting it limp along.
  12. I have never caught anything from regular browsing on the site, but I have flash and javascript blocked by default. I wouldn't recommend the using the site in its current state without flash and javascript blockers on. I wish these warnings would say specifically what problem was found because it would be easier to figure out the where and why. There are a few attack vectors, like the adserver or the forum software IP.board/Invision Power Board which is used by many different websites and is thus an attractive target. Either one could be compromised. The forum software was in the news recently as a hack target. https://blog.surfwatchlabs.com/2016/04/15/web-hosting-provider-to-major-sports-leagues-media-and-entertainment-companies-breached-by-alpha-2-0/
  13. I'm going to close this early because it is unlikely the vote will be able to be shifted the other way.
  14. FYI, Nobody has to use spoiler boxes anymore, since the file is in English and has been for a while. lol
  15. Akai doesn't wear glasses at this time and the other person is a woman with lipstick and a hat. Akai was also alone in his truck. These shadow people were driving a different vehicle. I agree. You don't need anyone in particular since the voice is intentionally distorted to sound unrecognizable. Even though I expect good discipline among the staff, calling in someone otherwise not in the movie to voice one line would be a risk if it is the VA of a known person.
  16. Akai's shadow minions from the Death Trap in the Darkness case were rumored to be Fusae and Billy. I have that listed as jossed in my records though.
  17. Chekhov MacGuffin

    Conan x Ai

    I'd say we're more talking about her life in general, after the climax with the BO. Feel free to switch the topic though. This is the ShihoxShinichi ConanxAi thread. I think we can handle two discussions at once if people remember to quote.
  18. The way of doing this has gone back and forth at least twice now, so I'd like to set the style in stone. Officers with no known given name will use the Title + name format.
  19. Which one? Probably motive and behavior related. It is easy to think the reason is a character the anime directors have to be careful to tiptoe around (Shiho and Vermouth would be my guess), but the biggest change this movie makes to the anime canon about the BO is that it is now a firmly global organization with incredible reach. One problem is that Gosho doesn't want the anime directors to portray the Organization as a typical secretive power and profit-motivated mafia, like most such global organizations are. The boss has a particular mission and he/she only needs just enough money and power and growth to sustain progress. By revealing the boss and his motive, Gosho is likely aiming to keep the anime directors from portraying behavior inconsistent with that motive. Also, I think it isn't wise to assume that the current version of Movie 20 is the reason Gosho told the anime directors the boss's id. My understanding is that the storyline of Movie 20 went through several pretty dramatic drafts and it is possible that one or more of those drafts had something incompatible. Gosho figured it would be faster to explain why the events were a no-go and let the directors sort it out for themselves rather than be forced to review every story revision for problems.
  20. Chekhov MacGuffin

    Conan x Ai

    That's making the assumption that the workings of the court system and actual justice are synonymous. Perhaps the court system is good enough, but I think there are other ways she could use her medical knowledge and insight into the Organization to help pursue the remnants and make amends to the families of the victims and all of Japan that a traditional punishment would not indulge. I don't think Shiho Miyano matters anymore tbh. She died when she attempted suicide in the locked room with APTX. The current Haibara is a completely different person than she used to be.
  21. Abridged summary of flashback: But seriously some info about the file with translations by Black Demon and presumenothing:
  22. What? I never said either of those things were confirmed. I brought up the issue since someone claimed Rum's voice was female on the wiki, and I didn't think it was probable. I offered the suggestion that Atsuko Tanaka (Mary's VA) voiced the lines because she is Conan's current flight of fancy suspect and Tanaka has a low voice and can sound semi-gender neutral (which would then be heavily modified by audio processing).
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