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  1. Can anyone tell me witch manga chapter detective Sato was going to figure out sleeping Moore, and thanks!
  2. I know iys been like 5 years since last post but me says sagu-chan xxxxxx
  3. I know this is a big NO but I kinda like shinichi with kazuha
  4. well mine is simple if you shinichi's nicknames so yeah
  5. I know this was posted like years ago but I just wanted to answer. YESSS!!! I mean think about it Heiji spots th bo and recognized them, followed them and gets drugged with aptx 4869 and wakes up as a kiddd!!! Don't you think right right righttttttt!
  6. Um I am not sure but I guess it will be cool if the school principal is the boss
  7. In my opinion I like the older style Like in the episode 150 But I don't really like Jimmy's eyes there kinda creepy
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