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Found 18 results

  1. Does anyone know where to watch earlier episodes online? I started watching this when I was 7 years old. but was sent to boarding school.. now I am 30 years old and still obsessed. I think I need to catch up from eps 150? Thank you!!
  2. gg1998

    Kubikiri cycle

    Anyone else watching Kubikiri cycle? Personally I think it's a great anime.
  3. When I watched the teaser for the Reload Project, I kind of got a "live-action" vibe from it. Would a live action movie be a possibility? However, other than that feeling, I have no other evidence to say why I get a live-action feeling from it.
  4. Hello Fellow Detective Conan Fans, I have long been in search of a particular episode. Minimum Spoiler but be warned.... Okay so here is the story as best as I can remember it. A lady is suspicious that Conan might know she committed a crime. So she invites him home for a sleep over. While she is taking a shower Conan finds evidence that she did indeed kill someone. While confronting her about the murder she confesses and then says she will have to take care of Conan too. Turns out it was a trap because Conan had called Mouri and her confession was sent onto the police. The only other thing I can remember is the lady drove a red sports car. Your help in my quest for the episode number is appreciated! Thanks Niffum
  5. just wondering which style is ur fav. do u enjoy the 1st few seasons softer style? or the newer, sharper style? personally i like the older style, the newer is so..............shiny
  6. Hello everyone, I've been having a problem lately getting into the anime and wiki sections of this website. Every time I try to get to them from here by clicking on the tabs, it says error page not found, as it does whenever I click some of the other tabs. When I try to get directly to the wiki page through a bookmark I have saved, it tells me I need to sign in (even though im always automatically signed in) and I sign in anyway with what im sure is the correct username and password, even trying multiple options and it still tells me the same thing. This is a problem because I rely on the wiki in order to know which episodes are filler and get info on some things prior to watching them and I've been using this website for at least 2 years and this has never happened to me before. Is anyone else having problems like this or is it just me?
  7. There's one specific song that I've been looking for, and I can't seem to find it in the Detective Conan Original [Show] Soundtrack 1, but I've definitely heard it before in the anime. In case you need to hear it, it plays at 11:31 in the fifth movie: Countdown to Heaven. It sounds like it's being played by a guitar/similar instrument and it plays during lighthearted moments.
  8. When I was 6-8 years old I used to watch detective conan, and for that age, some stuff scared me (a lot). But idk, I keept watching it how you can see, for 2 years maybe even more. The thing is that 1 specific episode got stuck in my mind until now, now I'm 20, I mean it was 39845729845 years ago, and I want to know what episode is, and if some of you, for some reason knows what it is, please tell me. Its about a theatre, there is a live acting there and there is an actor that in this case he is the angel of the scene, so he rises up with some rope to simulate that he is flying, but he appears with a bullet hole and obviusly dead. That's all I remember. Thanks. If for some reason I don't answer back, send an email at lgrhd@hotmail.com Or add me on discord: Trebla#6822 But I showld get notifications from here, I hope it works. And again, thanks.
  9. Im not sure if its the same with anyone else, but from what ive seen the anime area is extremely behind in the show, it only has up to season 18... At least for me that is. Is it the same for anyone else?
  10. The topic didn't fit in either of the sections so I wanted to post the question here? how back is the anime from the manga? or a better question, how many chapters are left to catch up to the manga? I don't want to read the manga for spoilers since I keep up with the anime but It seems a lot of major plot stuff is going down and we're just stuck here with filler episodes, so how long will it be until it catches up?
  11. With Detective Conan - Episode One - Chiisaku Natta Meitantei aired this morning. How did you like it? Hate it? Episode One is supposedly supervised or written by Gosho Aoyama, but I'd be curious as to how much he was involved. It's more along the lines of a re-imagining of the first episode than it is a remake, and features a lot of recap scenes from future episodes, anime original scenes, as well as a new character introduction, before the TV anime got to it anyways... I felt like this special was good for what it was, primarily being a treat for long-time fans. I wasn't disappointed, and my major grievance with this special was that it felt a little too convoluted at times, and we didn't need an introduction for certain characters that appeared in this special. Some of them contradicted canon, and others didn't make any sense for them to be here anyways. I think it would have been perfect if this could have served as an actual introduction to the series, but I couldn't even recommend it in that manner. Thankfully, it doesn't really spoil that much. Highlights of the film: Did anyone hate it? Despite some problems, I can't see this being a turn off for any fan of the series.
  12. I'm reading the English manga right now, which is twelve, and I've been a fan for years now. I just don't really have the time to sit and read, and plus, I have concentration issues. Anyways, I watched the English-dubbed anime (and I hate that they changed the names!) and the English-dubbed movies (still hate the name changes) until they stopped it, and I got lost when I tried to watch the English-sub, so where is the anime at right now? Please, if you have spoilers, tell me. I want to be caught up and I apologise if this post is against the rules. I used to be obsessed with this series, but not as much now, but still a fan.
  13. I did. I can't really remember what episode it was, and I never wanted to find out because it scared me so bad. It was about somebody being killed and hid in the elevator( between the walls in the elevator) in a library. The kids stayed in the library and accidentally turned on the light, and the killer was just walking out the door and he turned and saw the light and knew somebody was in it. And the look on his face freaked me out. Then, when the kids all turned their backs to the elevator and the door just opened and the creepy guy was in it, I screamed and I felt like my heart was gonna stop. I was watching it with my friends and they all laughed at me. I've seen so many scary movies and I never got that scared. I stopped watching DC for a long time because that episode scared me so bad. Did anybody see this episode? Were you scared too cause I was terrified. And what episode/scene scared you the most? I'm just curious XD
  14. Detective, Mystery, Game, Romance, Comedy, Adventure. Any anime genre. But i prefer anime with puzzles like Phi Brain. I'll watch any anime you suggest.
  15. Detective Conan has officially been added to Netflix. So far it contains 6 episodes that were not simulcasted by Crunchyroll, and 52 in total from episodes 748-799. The episode listing can be a bit confusing as it lists 748 as Episode 1 and is not listed by the Japanese episode count. The subtitles seem to be a bit different from Crunchyroll, but not drastically so. It's also listed under the proper title, "Detective Conan", not "Case Closed" like Crunchyroll. Despite this, the cover image for the series and the "Case Closed" logo at the end of each episode make their way in, just like the English movies. Edit: Netflix has now changed the title to Case Closed (assuming due to legal issues or something of that nature) Detective Conan is listed as "TV-14", and several English voice-actors are listed in the cast Info. I wonder if this means they have plans to upload older episodes dubbed by Funimation. (It could of course, mean nothing, and there's a next to no chance of FUNi dubbing future episodes) More here: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2016-01-01/netflix-adds-detective-conan-anime-streaming/.97124
  16. Anyone want to talk about cool things like Detective Conan? I also am a fan of bands like Lifehouse and Mayday Parade. How about you?
  17. Hi. I'm Arrimas. Did Detective Conan a.k.a. Case Closed have fighting games with the victims, culprits and suspects from the seasons and episodes? Everyone?
  18. Hello guys, in this topic thingy, you can post your own versions of a TV/Manga episode as well as alternate storyboards for any of the 17 released films(18 if you include Lupin III vs Detective Conan). If you think that some Detective Conan films/episodes were bad, then you may upload how you want it to have ended/happened. Also, please put in the episode number/chapter number/film number of what you're changing. Many thanks KoreanDetectiveConanFan.
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