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  1. applepie

    Best Fighter in Detectice Conan

    makoto, totally. sera's my second choice. I think the two of them would make a pretty cool team
  2. applepie

    similar manga?

    theres also mythical detective loki its kinda the same premise as detective conan; guy gets shrunk to the body of a child and has to solve crimes, although instead of a high school detective hes the god of mischief
  3. ok, im back after a super long hiatus and am ready to reenter the world of conan!

  4. applepie

    Sera's indentity speculation thread

    i feel like this may be a stretch, but I'm starting to think that Sera is somehow related to shinichi... like wiseguy said before, she hints that Ran knows her mother somehow, and in the latest chapter 814 the end makes me think she had some connection with yusaku...the whole tearing up while looking at conan (or ran) and saying she's a "bad kid"
  5. applepie

    Ran's clothes

    im not saying Ran is a slutty person, just sometimes I'm surprised when she wears more revealing or loose outfits. she just seems so chill and kinda, how do i put this, more confident that its just surprises me at times
  6. applepie

    Ran's clothes

    most of these show Ran in pretty cute outfits (she should never wear sweater shirts tho...) but as a kid i always thought Ran dressed kinda...slutty at times
  7. applepie

    Why do some people not like Ran?

    i don't see anything wrong with her. yea, she cries a lot, but the love of her life is never around (as far as she knows) and when he is around, its just to solve a case, and then he up and leaves before they have a chance to really hang out. as for her being not having much to do with the main BO plot, she's one of shinichi's love interests, thats really all she's there for. and i do think she's strong. sure she cries, but she's handled it pretty well considering. I'm neither AiCon nor ShinRan, so i like to think I'm no biased either way, whoever shinichi picks, good for her o, and personal questions for Parkur, u say u think Ran is annoying, but she's your signature...y?
  8. applepie


    woop woop! so, whats y'alls fav game? fav character? opinion on the official timeline? i wanna get this threat going!
  9. applepie

    Sherry's Soliloquy

    o Ai, u so cute~ but whats all this grey Santa who can't turn black stuff?
  10. applepie

    When will Detective Conan end?

    seeing as how this thread was made in 2009, i think DC is doing quite well~ but i think its nearing its end. if not in two years, prob the next 4-5yrs. Gosho already knows how he wants to end it right?
  11. applepie

    The Scariest Character lllllo_o

    dude, every creepy old lady in this series especially this one
  12. applepie

    What makes Haibara smile?

    sometimes she has that "evil black organization smile" goin on but mostly conan and agasa~
  13. applepie


    where are my fellow Legend of Zelda fans at?! love these games :grin: