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  1. This is probably the case imo. And he probably knows about Conan from Rei's intellegence he has given to the secret police they both work for on this case. RUM is probably unfortunatly someone else
  2. Thanks that helps. Jodie is a bit weird tho
  3. What is the time line for Akai and Jodie realtionship vs Akai and Akemi realtonship? Coz to me it seems he cheated and/or he never really loved Akemi. It was just business. Which makes it pretty dark especially coz he caused her death kinda.
  4. I want to know about the programme, Amouro's past and ordeal and Vermont's secret the most. I do think the Sera stuff will be cleared up first. They have been dragged out long enough and are kinda the least intresting to me.
  5. True RUM was not given a mission confirmed yet. My bad. But what else would it be?
  6. You misunderstod me.I was suggesting possiblities: 1.Kuroda as RUM has already done his mission on finding the spies in BO namely Kir and Amuro. 2. Resulting in Amuro having info squeezed out of him by RUM. And RUM finding out about Conan's envolvement and personage. 3.i suggested alternativly that Kuroda is not RUM by a Secret Police (zero) police member instead. Getting info from Amuro already on his suspicions of Conan. But he will later be a team mate. At the moment he is playing a suspected redherring to us. I need to clear up some points: I believe it has been confirmed RUM's mission is to deal with the BO spies. Which is why Kir informed Akia why he was activated. I never meant that Kir or Amuro's mission was to find Conan. But for RUM to find them. And lastly has it been confirmed or suggested that Kuroda gets information on Conan from the other police member? I dont not agree it has. Tho it could be a possibility.
  7. What i dont get is if Kuroda is RUM. Why has he found Conan first not Kir or Amuro? Is not his mission stated to deal with the spies problem in the BO? Unless he has caught Amuro already and fed him info about Conan being the mastermind and suspected shrunk by the aptx4869? Or Kuroda is part of the Secret Police and Zero Amouro told him the info on Conan and he will be an ally foghting with Conan to take down the BO. But is just testing hom at the moment?
  8. For me Yamato is definatly not RUM. Its just a little joke. The mission of RUM should make the BO fearsome (again). Something bold and threating. Not long winded. I believe we should see RUM soon (hopefull in an BO only chapter) with strong features of Gin and Vodka. Establishing his mission (hopefully a smart one) clearly layed down. What do you guys think RUM's mission will be like?
  9. That would be a nice link if true. As it back dates RUM in the DC cannon. Going back quite a bit. I hope it's true. But doubth it unfortuenatly
  10. ThatLee4

    Apoptoxin 4869

    I dont think it is justba traceless drug that kill/deages the victum. Believe its for a bigger purpose than you stated and Gin should know this also. I think the big plan is to make a superhuman or something. As it is called the imcomplete detective. They have eternal life. And the programme system should be able to perdict outcomes and calculate deductions. But this final product will be for evil. Gin seems almost invincible and many BO have beyond human skills
  11. Cocoa i like some points you said. Mostly about bring the story together with the BO's objectives. I think for the character RUM it is more important for him to be bold and active in threatening the Spies. Rather than Conan figure who he is like the Bourbon case. He should not be scared of the police or of being found out because he is skillful. Come on second to the big bosd. I wonder what he will do to rat out the spies? Kir and Bourbon/Rei may have to team up. But i doubth this will happen as Gosho likes everything Conan centered with a splash of detective boys. In reality Kir would be the main focus at this moment as she is the closest to the BO and at the most risk. Kir and Rei both are skillfull enough to atleast take RUM head on if confronted. But they also need more info to uncover about the BO to give Conan. But what i dont understand is why people would think Conan would bump into RUM before Rei or Kir, just because he is mentioned all of a sudden. The thing i do like is that Gosho seems to include at least one bit of plot progression each realease since RUM is introduced. Hopefully something big happends. And Heiji is included too even if just small.
  12. can Bourbon be officially called a Black Organisation member? as he rearly wears black. infact he has more light colours and white including his car. There is something real different about him. i want to know why his skin is darker. And what Zero really means. is the two Zero characters used a difference between Japanese and Romanji? I think it might have something to do with him having a transparent chatacter and him working for the security dtp. He really is my favourite character with Heiji. for his smartness and boldness. but i cant help thinking its gonna lead him into a slight mistake.
  13. Is it me or is Sukurako Yonehara a mysterious character? Like there is more to her than we know? She also appears a gain after a long time, which was unexpected. And she seems to sus out Conan a bit.And did she help him mysteriously in her first case appearance?Something was weird in that episode i dont know how to exlpain.People said she could had been Kid also?(on another note was Kid playing that quack detective in the bowling and toilet murder case? As he was acting weird)Also where does Yumi's ex boyfriend fit into the storyline?I think Gosho has something up his sleeves.
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