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  1. hahah i hadn't thought of that.... i may have to rethink my ending... LOL
  2. I really like Rina Auichi's Magic i REALLY like that and Winter Bells
  3. yea.... i know how that feels.... but my classmates sometimes tease me because i am addicted to the DC manga (english)
  4. yea.... too bad...(stupid bomb!) ;))

  5. yea yea sure i'll stop calling them their "fake" names

  6. it's addictive right? once u start u cant stop.....
  7. i just want ur opinion i want to know Who's better of with Shinichi
  8. pls tell me how many manga volumes are there when will it take to collect them all :smile:
  9. @ Phantom Thief hehehe yea u did get a honor card i cant believe u still remember that! :razz: here's my Case Closed experience: like phantom thief said i was reading the part when she punched the post that's all i read so far (because it's almost time to go back to our classrooms) soo after my best frined borrowed the book and returned the book i borrowed it and read the whole book i kinda got scared of the Bloody pop star case because of the way the dead man looks (eyes wide, mouth open really weird...) but i ended up solving the case! i got excited! and my nxt trio to the library i looked for case closed me and my bestfriend borrowed and collected our fave Case Closed vol is Vol 26 we memorized that book cover to cover now were waiting 4 case closed vol 35 and 36 we WONT STOP UNTIL WE COLLECT ALL OF THE VOLUMES!!! (WE PROMISED) EVEN IF IT KILLS US
  10. My fave line is from the Golden Apple case when Shinichi saved Sharon Vineyard's life and then Sharon asked:"Why did you save me?" Shinichi:"Is a reason nesessary? I don't know why you would kill someone. But as for saving someone...A logical mind isn't needed, right?" that was my favorite
  11. I wish Conan will turn back to Shinichi and he And Ran will live happily ever after :grin:
  12. hello!! where are u from?

  13. i like ur pic it's really CUTE and i am from the Philippines too!

  14. i like Kaito Kid coz even though he's thief he's SOOO cool!! and he has a gun that fires metal cards now how cool is that!! and i also like Anita Hailey i don't really have a reason why :grin:
  15. cool! hey why do u like Jinpei? he's Inspector Miwako's partner right?

  16. right now i read volumes 1-34 of the manga since me and my best friend collect case closed it's much more easy i am waiting for vol35 i cant go to OneManga.com i'll be tempted to read
  17. i like Volumes 26 and 30 26 because Jimmy git his old body back (but only lasted 4 about 24hrs) and 30 because i like the case: The Kaito Kid game )
  18. i like The Phantom In Baker Street coz stories abt 19th century London is my fave
  19. In vol 34 inspector Jugo Yokomizo is in the keyhole here's the link:My link hope this helps :smile:
  20. i saw Conan in Yakitate Japan when the time froze or something.... but the eyes are different though the eyes are very similar to the clown in the series... anyway just watch it on youtube
  21. hey i already read the article ok i believe you :eek: it's shocking though
  22. hey u have another person with the same birth date MY IDOL Tatlor Lautner!!!;)) i envy u

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