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  1. I love your profile pic!! Did you draw it yourself?

  2. love your profile pic,

    it's so cuteeeā™„ :)

  3. your profile picture is soooo cute!! btw.. im also from the Philippines,, :))

  4. is your pic like conan+tsubasa or sth?

  5. i got addicted the first time i watched it in Tagalog version..and started to watch other episodes in you tube and other sites..the effect is,i usually imagine things about the future of shinichi and ran,,sometimes i imitate the characters..
  6. Conan:Shinichi-niichan is stupid!To leave Ran-neechan behind.. Ran:He left me again. Conan:H..hey,Shinichi-niichan said.. Ran:No,stop it!I don't want to hear it!I don't want to hear any more excuses. Conan:Shinichi-niichan said..Someday.,I'll definitely return.Even if i die.That's why..I..I want you to wait for me.That's why..that's why.. i really love this lines..
  7. i like ur pic it's really CUTE and i am from the Philippines too!

  8. watching every episode of detective conan,but skipping some of them because other episodes dont have english subs..

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