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  1. i chose Chianti because she's a good assassin:)) and she's kind of a goth i like that about her. her fashion statement :))

  2. my classmates ALWAYS tease me just because i am reading DC!!!!
  3. Chianti is beacause i think she's cool originally i was Gonna be Vermouth but Chianti was cooler;D
  4. Chianti

    Magic Kaito

    yea Detective coNAN IS WAY BETTER!!! Shinichi showed up once pointed a gun at Kaito and said: "take off your mask Kid"
  5. i like the Golden Apple:)) and the Moonlight Sonata!!! That's all
  6. that i don't know but it sure looks like it
  7. i read that in onemanga.com i dont get it though.. does that mean the lady thief is HIS MOTHER?! and going back to the topic: he's just luring out his father's killers
  8. i think so i am not really sure
  9. yea i know how that feels but the other way around though :grin: were getting of topic hehe LOL
  10. AWESOME!!! i didn't know that!! tnx!! and i think Haibara is better of alone... Sorry Haibara
  11. yea i know right but what about Haibara????
  12. Hey Guys... DON'T HATE THE KID! he's really cool and awesome!!! I am down with this topic..
  13. uhhh NEGATIVE yeah their BAD but my friends tease me in a Positive way though.... they say i am a Nerd for reading DC
  14. oh... but don't you think that Ayumi is better of with Mitsuhiko or Genta??? i don't know about Haibara yet.. but Ran and Shinichi yup good together!!
  15. yea i kinda got used to the title in the manga but anyway nice!!! keep it up!
  16. the reasons why i LOVE the Kid is because he's cool in his own way and he has a unique weapon: the gun that fires Metal cards :smile: plus he can make women fall in love with him in an effortless way...
  17. really cute that's The Bloody Popstar Murder case right?
  18. from my point of view i think it's Takagi ..... i think.
  19. i have been a fan Of Pokemon for a really long time .... but ever since i read Case Closed .... Pokemon is history
  20. oh yeah i remember that the best OVA ever!!!! i kinda laughed i little bit too.. and CRIED mostly.... i felt sorry for Shinichi during the confrontation when Ran did not believe Conan was Shinichi ..
  21. sorry but i read it in OneManga.com the Golden Apple case i don't know what episode it is Sorry!!
  22. oh .... sorry!!! my mistake my fave OVA is the first one when they met the characters in Kamen Yaiba
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