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  1. It's been two years, wow

  2. Oh my, It's been a while! :) I missed this.

  3. Chianti's back from the dead

    1. Anti-APTX4869


      My favorite BO sniper! ~ <3

  4. wow... they teased me the same thing.... now.. their borrowing dc or anime related books from mee!!! :l and BTW Don't hate twilight.. iam a fan of that movie:) but it's ok though.
  5. WOW!! I never knew there's gonna be soo many reactions!! i'am in favor of................... SHINRan ))
  6. tropical land with Shinichi?? haha!

  7. haha guess ur right point taken but ... what can u learn from sexy jutsu?? Naruto is kind of a pervert ) but yah ur right u can learn stuff from Naruto )
  8. yah sure i'd like to be frnds :)

  9. i am fine thank you :)) how about you?

  10. yup it gets more complicated like : i killed him bcause he Blackmailed me or he witnessed the murder i committed or i killed him because he found out I was exporting drugs or something like that right?
  11. hahahaha!! ikr? they read stuff like Naruto and Bleach no offense Naruto and Bleach fans what can u learn from them really... :grin:
  12. ahahahah soooo right! some of my classmates are EGGHEADS actually.. hahaha... yup they NEED to be educated they only watch Naruto..
  13. Dude i have a halo!!!! hahahaha.... nope i am not evil just.... ME hahahaha XD

  14. yea!!! that's what i said! i told by reading DC will make u smarter but they didn't believe me... but they read manga that has INTIMATE scenes!!!
  15. hahahaha somehow i am attracted 2 to "evil" people hahaha!!!! LOL XD

  16. hahaha!!! me too!! especially this summer cause it's really hot! i know she's evil i kinda like evil girls=))

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