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  1. DX why do so many people not like Movie 14? Personally, I loved it! I mean, I guess I didn't have such high expectations as some of you (I watched it not long after I started the series) and I don't think the 'mystery' part of Detective Conan is that important... Okay, it is VERY important, but I love the action/comedy/a bit of romance part of it better. And there was some mystery in it, even if it's not a full-fledged, movie-scaled murder case. And Kaitou Kid's awesome, regardless! As for which one is better... I haven't seen 13 yet (now that I'm going chronologically), but heard it's awesome, so...
  2. I'm new here, so... Hi! Nice to meet y'all, and I'm already loving the DCW community. :D

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  3. He probably doesn't, considering how much the plot line would be screwed otherwise. Plus, that'd be a bit OOC, since Kogoro's supposed to be the 'stupid, clueless' character of the series XD. And he's the type to confront Conan directly (he's done it before). But I think he should know, considering how many times he's been knocked out with a tranquilizer. After 700+ episodes/900+ chapters, shouldn't he have been immune by now? Idk, I know nothing about whatever field of medical stuff this is in O_o
  4. Telling me to choose is like telling me to jump off a cliff! I'm sure the ending's going to be a ShinRan one, and I really love them together, but I also think Haibara's just awesome and them being together would be so amazing! (What happened to Ran? O_o) I tried to vote for Haibara cuz Ran's in the lead anyway, but it told me I had to fill out all the questions. I did! >o<
  5. Perseverance! And because I'm a loyal fan, I just love EVERTHING about it, and I can't wait for the ending. Actually, I want to know the ending but make it non-canon so the series would continue (like OVA 10 but more conclusive). I NEVER WANT IT TO END! <---- proof of my die-hardness right there XD
  6. @Tsukiko (^above) Haha! The time you posted that message was when I was sitting through 4 hours of orchestra! Hehe, off-topic I don't have any. I'm new (started today!) and my parents would probably think having friends over the internet is a bad idea...
  7. I wanted a BO username, so I went on Wikipedia for a list of alcoholic stuff. Kirsch sounded nice (meaning it doesn't have n, m, o, u, p. I actually have rules on what I consider 'nice-sounding' XD), and it wasn't taken, so... Yay!
  8. I don't have a legitimate 'phobia' (as in I'm not deathly afraid of it/needs medication), but I absolutely HATE being choked. Whenever I see scarves I just think about how easily someone can choke you with it XD. I also take TaeKwonDo, where you have to learn how to handle being choked/choke other people, so...
  9. I'm technically still a child, so... But if you mean like preschool age, it was Doraemon. It's so fun! (Until Barney and Elmo got to me when I came to America XD)
  10. SO JEALOUS!!! Hehe this is a thread from 2013... Anyways, I recently found out he also voices Usopp from One Piece. O_o I've been a One Piece fan longer than I've been a Detective a Conan fan, so... I thought Kaito's voice sounded familiar! Thing is, I don't like Usopp, and imagining Shinichi/Kaito say/do the stuff he does sort of... Makes me feel weirded out. XD
  11. Kirsch! I don't know a thing abut alcohol except I don't like it (and they make cool code names) so I call everything wine. For my username, I wanted to be BO thing, so I just went on Wikipedia. XD
  12. I was born in a country where anime is considered everybody's afternoon cartoons, so the first time I ever watched it was probably 2004. Stopped, restarted in 2009, stopped again. And same! Started up this year (2014), and that's when the big-time obsession hit. XD
  13. Kirsch

    LGBTQA+ Community

    Yay! So much positivity! I'm het, BTW. Anyways, I don't get why the whole "gay marriage is illegal" thing. I mean, seriously? Is this some sort of US tradition to have a civil rights argument every century? Blacks being slaves are a no-no, women are as good as men (sometimes better, jk XD), and discrimination sucks. Really, there are a bunch of angry people in this world who are against people who have done nothing to them. I get it if it's your religion, and you're against it, but still treating them as you would've otherwise is important. Also, although I support it, I still get a bit weirded out. Guess that's just cuz I'm not used to it :/
  14. I haven't watched an anime that I absolutely hated(as of yet). However, the 4kids version of anything just makes me wither and die on the spot. I love One Piece, but when I decided to check out what 4kids were doing to it, it was... Just... *shudders*
  15. Hehe... Depends only your definition of 'know'... 1. Mandarin (my first language) 2. English (second language, and I speak it better than Mandarin) 3. Spanish (I've been taking it for five years) 4. Japanese (not fluent, but my family has been spurting random phrases of it since I was little, and now I'm trying to learn more cuz of Detective Conan) 5. Taiwanese (I grew up around it, my relatives all speak it, and it's just another kind of Chinese; not fluent)
  16. I'm so conflicted! I know it's most likely going to end with Ran and Shinichi together, and they do make such an amazing couple. It's so sweet with lots of funny moments, I just can't help but love it. However, I feel bad for Haibara. By now, it's practically certain she likes Conan, but she's practically in denial, and Conan is clueless (as usual). Also really sweet, a bit tragic, and I just can't help but love those little moments. Gah! Gosho Aoyama is going to have to work hard to make a happy ending!
  17. Personally, I have nothing against Conan. Yes, he has his flaws and everything, but that's awesome (It's also really fun to watch sometimes!). About how he's to arrogant/confident and overpowered, I disagree with that. He is a bit arrogant, but he has a right to be, especially when it comes to Kogoro, and he doesn't overdo it. His overconfidence does lead to bad situations sometimes, but he's most likely used to protecting himself as an athletic teenager, or because as Conan, he finds it hard to have the police constantly backing him up. Plus, the fact he always gets himself in trouble is part of what makes the series exciting! He's not entirely overpowered. After all, he is restricted to being a kid, and even if he has all the random trivia facts, he still has to work to link things together. And wouldn't the series be boring if the main character isn't smarter than you, and he either spends too much time trying to link things together, or if you solve all the cases before them? Anyways, I think he's awesome. Flawed, but awesome.
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