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  1. Oi read your PM btw one last time :V I just have to tell ya something

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    2. -NL-


      I really am sorry. I know what I did was silly and that's why I was telling you coz I just thought that it would be a bit disrespectful if I just keep it to myself of what I thought I found.


      I think I'm going too far and I do not know if this is forgivable to you so...


      I definitely wouldnt resist if you report me of stalking and get banned over it. I think I deserve it...

    3. -NL-


      Been here for 6 years, I think that's a long time already and I just keep returning back after I decide to leave. Getting banned would definitely completely stop that. And dont really worry about it, wont be your fault. 

    4. -NL-


      Gad my sorries are looking meaningless now T__T But I really mean it. Like all of it. So like really sorry again.


      ...Have I really been good to you? Coz you know, I can only see through my point of view and I always thought that I've been but maybe, it's different on your side. It's just that you seems to be always mad at me now. I dunno.