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  1. Vi Hailey

    I want (Ran / Haibara) to be with Shinichi

    Rei furuya and Shiho miyano. I ship it
  2. Vi Hailey

    Who does Shinichi need more, Ran or Shiho?

    I pick shiho/haibara bc 1. She is creator of the drug 2. She'll be better help on a case (what @VVN2004 said) 3. The two learn from each other I also think shiho and shinichi would be the legit couple of the show. I personally don't favor childhood sweetheart too much, it makes people think that two is destined to be together. Shiho and shinichi is, as people on the forum has said, the more realistic couple
  3. Vi Hailey

    Who's your detective conan crush?

    1. Kaito kid 2. Bourbon 3. Shinichi 4. Akai 5. Heiji 1. Haibara 2. Kazuha 3. Ran 4. Sera 5. Ayumi
  4. Vi Hailey

    Who's your detective conan crush?

    I would choose bourbon in fact he is my second choice, but I just feel like kaito kid stole my heart. Theyre both gentlemen's that's why I like them. IKR!!
  5. Vi Hailey

    Who's your detective conan crush?

    Mine would probably be kaito kid (ik, fangirling) but he's so cool!!! Haibara would probably be my female preference too