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  1. When it comes to the anime, I dropped it about 2 years ago, but have been meaning to get back into it. Probably will skip the fillers though. As for the manga, I've been behind for about a year now, been also meaning to catch up on that. It's hard though, to stay caught up, simply because as much as I love the series, it needs to end. As it stands, it feels like there will be no end, and even good things need to come to an end sometime. It's hard to stay with a series if you don't know where it's going... for over 20 years.
  2. And the favorite yaoi pairing of Heiji and Shinichi wins with 50.
  3. Heiji and Shinichi: 48 Ran and Shinichi: 2
  4. Heiji and Shinichi: 48 Ran and Shinichi: 2 Again, a point was missing, so I gave it to Ran.
  5. Heiji and Shinichi: 41 Ran and Shinichi: 9
  6. Heiji and Shinichi: 39 Ran and Shinichi: 11
  7. I'll take that as a no? Heiji and Shinichi: 37 Ran and Shinichi: 13
  8. How many people would be pissed if a yaoi pairing won? Heiji and Shinichi: 35 Ran and Shinichi: 15
  9. Heiji and Shinichi: 33 Ran and Shinichi: 17
  10. Santa, just look at the post before mine and you'll see it doesn't add up to 50. I think it was Moonlit who made it go off one, then someone else did the other point. Heiji and Shinichi: 34 Ran and Shinichi: 16
  11. For English dubbing, they stopped a long time ago at episode 130 (episode 126ish for Japanese)... so we have been on that path for a long time already. We get along just fine and just watch fansubs.
  12. Heiji and Shinichi: 30 Ran and Shinichi: 20
  13. Agreed Moonlight Flower, I prefer Heiji and Shinichi, but no complaints on Kaito and Shinichi. And two points are missing, so I'll just add one to Ran and one to Heiji. Kaito and Shinichi: 2 Heiji and Shinichi: 29 Ran and Shinichi: 19
  14. Kaito and Shinichi: 7 Heiji and Shinichi: 24 Ran and Shinichi: 19 I want to save Kaito and Shinichi, but then this would never end, so I am just going to gun for Shinichi and Heiji.
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