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  1. Spain conquered our country too, and for about 300 years too. You should come, here's a good place and so beautiful in some places.
  2. There's something that attracted my attention; in episodes 222-224, the episode of the mermaids, Conan reads in a book of visitors the name of 'Shiho Miyano'. Also, we could remember that the old lady of that island (I think it was an island, i must see that episode again ) was more than 100 years old (was a lie finally), and the people told that she was inmortal. Maybe that could be something related to the Black Organization? Because of what Vermouth said to Itakura on their phone call, I suppose that.
  3. Nara-chan: Really? Which is your language? I hope you could correct my grammar mistakes to improve my english skills! (by the way, I think it could be english lol) Rye: I hope it too ^^, I really want to talk about Conan, and of course, meet other people who like Conan and be friend with them! Kid: I didn't understand, did you learn spanish, but is not your foreign language? by the way, you should visit Chile, we have a lot of natural beautiful places like "Torres del Paine" ^^ you must google it! Thank you everybody! I hope we'd be friends
  4. hello! welcome here^^ i can see you're a ShihoxSubaru fan so I added you as a friend^^

    1. Subaru-san


      Thank you ^^ You're welcome to add me, I'm a fan of ShihoxSubaru too, as you can see.


    2. 75aichan


      I'm glad I'm not alone to like that couple^^Subaru is the best choice for Shiho,and they are so cute together.

      Anyway if you need help in this forum don't hesitate to ask me information ^^

  5. I think Ai should grow up and stay in the 'Shiho Miyano' form instead of 'Ai Haibara' one. Gosho already said that DC will have a happy ending, so I think she won't die.. In addition with this, I was thinking about the Subaru (Shuichi) & Shiho couple, it's my favorite one, but I think is not very possible. I think Ai won't like to live a lie, so she will revert to her real form and tell the Detective Boys the truth along with Kudo. But these are just theories.. I only hope that Ai/Shiho won't die in hands of the BO, that would be really sad for me though she's my favorite DC character along with Shuichi/Subaru.
  6. I'm also a native spanish speaker.. So, if someone has any question about this language, please feel free to ask me! Soy hablante nativo español, así que si alguien tiene alguna duda acerca de este idioma, pregúnteme con confianza!
  7. Subaru-san


    I love Zelda too Ocarina of Time, A Link to The Past and Majora's Mask and my favorite! (I want to play the new one which came out for 3DS )
  8. 1.- Spanish (native) 2.- English (not perfect, but I can handle it right) 3.- Portuguese (I'm a rookie, I know that one because I played a on-line game and one server was brazilian ) And I really want to learn to speak Japanese ^^
  9. Hi everyone, I'm just a chilean guy who loves DC (or Case Closed) .. I'm so glad to meet you all, I hope we'd be friends. Greetings from Chile to all of you! ;D P.S: My english is not perfect (yet, I hope ), I'm sorry if I commit some grammar mistakes
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