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  1. All the movies were interesting but my favorite would have to be Quarter of Silence, the entire movie was a nice watch, it wasnt good or bad. But that last bit where Conan caused that avalanche and what happened will forever be one of my favorite scenes in all of the DC Movies.
  2. It was probably to down play his skills, remember, Bourbon is supposed to be undercover. If he gains attention because of his super sleuth skills then the person he is supposed to hunt down might be on guard.
  3. Ok now i have some questions. -Kaito Kid and Shinichi have the same voice actor, is this because they are trying to play on the similarities both have or is it because Kaito is copying Shinichi's voice? -On chapter 812 page 11, when they saw Subaru brushing his teeth they saw he had nothing on his neck, but when they left he slid a comb down from his sleeves and flipped it. Why did he do that? -Also about Subaru, does Conan know Subaru is Akai? Conan seems to trust him a lot for just meeting him, but i didnt see any hints where Conan could have deduced that. -When Vermouth wanted to kill Akai she said that they only needed one Silver Bullet (Conan), why? If she was against the BO two would be better, while if she was allied with the BO zero would be better. I dont think it would be because Shinichi helped save her otherwise Vermouth would have said it differently..
  4. Ai as a child already has a good life; friends and happiness for her. I wouldnt mind her going back and i understand that Shinichi and everyone would be supportive, but i think that Ai living as a child would be better for her, have the pure life of a child she never had.
  5. I have always viewed Shinichi and Conan as the same person so it was a hard time to choose which one to pick here (went for Shinichi) Other than that i like Kaito Kid, Ran and Akai, everyone else is great too.
  6. @Chek (too long to quote) (v34/c011/p18) Vermouth stated that "No angel has smiled upon me...not even once." This means that she doesnt think of her boss as an angel and never has thought of him as one. That means that Vermouth was never close to the boss before the organization otherwise she would have omitted the last part "..not even once." (Not exactly sure what she thinks of Yukiko, i would certainly view her as an angel. ) During the New York arc it was also said that her daughter was caught up with some bad people. My guess would be that the daughter originally joined the BO and when they were going to kill her Vermouth tried to stop them only to be fed the pill and de-aged. The boss, taking an interest in Vermouth threatened her with her daughter. Therefore Vermouth cant do anything directly to rebel and doesnt want to try any risks, so she does her best to stay in the BO and not die. (Act like a horrible person but is acually nice.) The thing that i dont understand is why Vermouth only wants 1 silver bullet. If she wants for the organization to fall the more the merrier. While if she wants the organization to stand then having 0 would be best.
  7. I wouldnt mind her taking the antidote and returning to her old life but there is just one problem for me. What is left in her old life? Her sister and parents are dead, she has no friends or relatives that we know of, and her life long work would reach a dead end (she would only return to normal after the organization is gone) Ai doesnt seem like she would be happy having her old life back. On the other hand her current life is much better for her, she has friends that can smile with her. She has a father figure...or something close to that. Her personality is also much kinder now, and she genuinely seems happy now. Of course that is to say that she doesnt sacrifice herself to save conan somehow... Worst Ending: She ends up being with Mitsuhiko. (I dont know why but i really dont like him.)
  8. Mine would be (in no order) Detective Conan - the way the mysteries are so detailed and complex are great, i like how the MC doesnt use some psychic power or being from a different dimension to solve the problems for him, also i love how ShinRan is pure love and there is no third party trying to get in the middle and creating drama Stiens;Gate - I found the plot to be pretty interesting, but the main reason i liked it was the interactions between the leads Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? - I'm just a sucker for the competent types of MCs Spice and Wolf - interaction between the leads is always great and i just like the feel of the whole thing Full Metal Panic - a show that never fails to make me laugh
  9. I would guess that the relationship between the boss and Vermouth is a bad one. -Vermouth repeatedly let go of conan who she believes would bring the destruction of the organization, implying that she views Conan's safety higher than that of the boss' -At New York she said that no angel has ever smiled upon her, back then she dressed up as a serial killer which means she was already part of the organization and meet the boss, but didnt consider the boss her "angel" This brings me to think that the boss values Vermouth while Vermouth doesnt value the boss.
  10. Its most likely a No. It has been said that the boss is a forward thinker and that he is very cautious. Would someone like this leave a potential "Silver Bullet" alive?
  11. Well i think you have a point that the boss might show up in the series undercover at one point. The name of the organization would not be something that obvious though since they work in secret if their name was something that pointed a neon arrow at the boss it would be very contradictory to their MO. While i do think that the grandfather is a possible suspect to be the boss, the series is far from over and we will get much more characters introduced. So until then i would say this is a good theory.
  12. I kinda thought the message to this series was "Nothing is impossible," since there are sooo many things that back that up.
  13. -Not sure about this one, i dont think it was developed beyond that point. -It was probably just advice given. They showed Camel to make people suspect him and make the arc more intense, i would guess. -I doubt sera was added to make a love triangle. She was probably added in to give more back story and pave the way to another major arc (with the "out of domain" girl) -He did that to see a close up of Conan's face without looking suspicious. If he just randomly stared at Conan's face up close it would be unnatural.
  14. Currently we have Conan and Ai as children because they took the drug APTX 4869. If another character could be turned into a child who would you want it to be? (Assuming the chance of turning into a child is 100%) Personally i would want to see Ran, or Kaito Kid as a child and move into the Mouri house. Ran because this way she would find that shinichi is conan and i think it would be interesting to see. Besides who wouldnt want to see a karate champion 1st grader. Kid Kaito Kid and Conan would probably a really really funny and amusing combination.
  15. Least favorite was movie 3. It was interesting but to me it was the only movie that didnt have any special moment to it that i can remember the movie for.
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