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  1. I thought most of the cases ripped right from actual news like NCIS or Law and Order
  2. how are you DC Wolf? Interesting topic. I am sure some where in the future someone will have figured all that out. Maybe they are just being Minnesota nice. Or they don't mention it to said persons face when said person is in the room. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minnesota_nice Minnesota nice is the stereotypical behavior of people born and raised in Minnesota to be courteous, reserved, and mild-mannered. The cultural characteristics of Minnesota nice include a polite friendliness, an aversion to confrontation, a tendency toward understatement, a disinclination to make a fuss or stand out, emotional restraint, and self-deprecation.[1] It can also refer to traffic behavior, such as slowing down to allow another driver to enter a lane in front of the other person. Critics have pointed out negative qualities, such as passive aggressiveness and resistance to change.[1] Some traits typical of this stereotype are also generally applied to neighboring Canadians.[citation needed] http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=minnesota%20nice
  3. Woohoo dw fan In da house. How are you pulumpu? Cute avi.
  4. I bet this has ben said many times and many ways but people deal with things like murder differently. Some people like Conan have seen so much muder that they are used to it and may become desensitized to deal with what they witnessed. Others like Ran who have not seen so many murders may be able to feel more emotional about the sitituation they have witnessed. Because people process things like murder differently in emotional, mental, and physical ways it is understandable that Conan would see murder in a different way than Ran. Who is to say that Conan does not get emotional about a case. He is trying to be brave, calm, and collected in during a case and tries not to let personal thoughts and emotions get in the way of solving a case because those thoughts and emotions cloud ones judgement causing them to pick sides and skew the clues to solve the case so that it leans one way or the other. Conan is trying to be impartial in the case so he can see it in a way others may not. Conan is also trying to keep others from panicking during a case and help them think more rationally and logically so that don't make rash choices about who is guilty like the police or Ran's dad does. To me while watching Conan I thought for awhile that the police want to catch the culprit as soon as possible without seconding guessing whether he or she is guilty so they go home quicker and rest. I know Conan slips up but in the end with help the guilty are arrested. Detectives and police like lots have said are not the judge or the jury the are the ones who find the culprit and bring them in. To me any they (detectives ie Conan and Ran's dad, Police ie Beika police) can't let their personal emotions or actions get in the way of solving a crime. That could hinder the case and may end up arresting the wrong person. Since people are not all unemotional robots I can see how a police officer or detective can get upset by a case especially if it hits close to home. I know this may not pertain to this topic but it might in some way. A question has been asked of surgeons which is, could/would they (the surgeon) operate on their own child? That question can be asked of a detective or police officer. Which the question could be, could/would they (police officer/detective) work on a case if a close personal friend or family member is involved in the case? For example if the (police officer/detective) loved one was being accused of murder could they solve the case without letting their personal emotions get in the way of solving the case? I ask this one last question could Conan not having any relationship with most of the accused and guilty having something to do with how he solves a case? For Pete's sake they are fictional characters holding them to your standards to me is weird and makes no sense what so ever. It is not their fault they are like that is they way they were created to act. They are there so the viewer or reader has a way of interacting with the story. Saying you would do something is one thing but if u have not Ben in a certain situation how would u know if that is what u would really do? If u were actually in Conan's shoes that u for certain would be able to do what Conan does better than he can. The debate that is going on this topic could go in circles for a long time without reaching a conclusion. Yes all of u have reasonable points but in the end no one is going to get any where especially while reaping the same argument over and over but wording it differently. It is a tv show for Pete's sake at some point it is best let it go, let it be. I get that this topic is important to all of you in some way and that I am a hypocrite for what I typed but I stand by it. Seriously I am sorry if what I typed hurt any one in way or offended anyone. What I type is just one point of view. I cant or won't be held responsible to how anyone reacts to what I type. As they say don't shoot the messenger, it is not his or her fault the message upset anyone they are there to deliver it.
  5. I think why am I not asleep? B4 I sleep I think up different ways a tv episode could have gone for shows I am obssed with. For now it is Doctor Who what if scenarios and fan fiction. Sometimes I have dreams about the stories I tell in my head and put them in the story line when I wake up.
  6. With a story authors and illustrators sends messages to the world by using the words and pictures on the pages of their work. What do you think the message or messages the author and illustrator of Detective Conan is trying to send to the readers? Some examples: The importance of friends and family. Ways to live your life. That you can make a difference in the world no matter who you are. The message(s) I think the author and illustrator is trying to convey is take one step towards the future and try not to dwell on the past. Let the present guide you on your journey and the past be a reminder of how far you have come.
  7. I think that there might be a cliffhanger at the end possibly suggesting there will be more DC to come but made by someone else. With a property as popular as DC it could go on forever and eventually fizzle out in the far future after everyone grows tired of waiting for the real ending. Which may not be in our lifetimes. DC like Pokemon will be milked for all it is worth till the well runs dry. It is inevitable that all good things like DC will end, just not any time soon. Eventually the hero/main character wins the day but not unscathed mentally or physically. They may need some serious therapy at the end. When I saw one of th DC movies a thought accord to me that Ai and Conan may have to grow up naturally instead of using the antidote. Going with the theroy that Ai an Conan may have grow naturally instead of using an antidote, the ending may be like that dream Conan had, I think it was in one the specials, where He, Mitch, Ai, Ginta, and Ayumi are teenagers,I think in high school, and ran is probably still clueless about Conan being Kudo.
  8. 1. I find it funny that people discus in detail about what is going on in tv shows and movies, yet I understand why the have said discussions. 2.Chekhov: Reading your answer to the question above got me thinking: a. Why don't the BO develop robots with microchips that the human brain could be downloaded onto the microchips? B. what if the BO are the "good guys" and the "good guys" are really the "bad guys"? In some bizarro way what the BO is doing is trying to better mankind instead of harming mankind by using what people might presume are criminal acts, yet are just trying to stop those who hinder their progress and do not share the BO point of view.
  9. I have thought for awhile the the CEO of BO is Agasa Hiroshi. Who would suspect bumbling, trustworthy, person you could talk to about anything as the CEO of the BO. The actual CEO is ...... The last person you would ever think of, picture, or even imagine would be the CEO. That's how it usually works when comes to characters like that.
  10. Sammy Shull is in a better place. He went there on 7-11-2013

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