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  1. Hello chin-san (can I call you that for now until I can come up with a decent nickname?), it's great to hear your passion for DC as well. If you want, you can post around the forum like in "What's on your mind?" thread or play forum games if you are still somewhat shy to join discussions.
  2. ^Yep, they do. I know a few who are really good in English. I'm not sure but I think it has something to do with British influence. Same with India.
  3. Tao po? Oppsie, may gahd. :V How can I delete this post?
  4. Found out that the Filipino Chatroom and Classroom is in desperate need of revival.
  5. Like when I have a two page long essay to 'write' and my hands began to feel shaky in the middle of the first page.
  6. Haha. Hello guys! or should I say kababayan? Well, before that, the forum have some kind of rule about double posting. You could check it out if you have time so that your stay here is mess-free. And also, there is a Filipino Classroom and Chatroom thread where you meet other Filipino members (though I think it's already pretty dusty there). Hope to see you all around.
  7. Fried my brain, drained my blood and went home like a zombie.
  8. Nah, the awesome is still here. :3
  9. Hello, hello everyone! Welcome! It's nice to see new members. Feel free to join discussions. See you around.
  10. Hallo, welcome! Wish you have a great time here. Hopefully, you'll still be able to stay because I know how demanding school can get.
  11. Nope, you still have a long way to go as long as I'm alive (in DCW).
  12. Hahah. Definitely. I was given memories more awesome than I actually expected. All because of DCW.
  13. Hello, welcome! Ahhh. Greeting new members takes me back several years ago to the day when I was doing exactly the same as you. Not knowing what I would encounter nor if this would be a great experience for me. But surely, I never regretted my decision. I met friends, really good ones. Peo....Hahaha. Okay, I'll stop now before I can create a novel in your thread. Enjoy! I wish you'll find awesome people who will make your stay here extra special. Nyeheheheh. Feel free to ask questions.
  14. And that would be me. Na. T_____T
  15. Buhay pa ba to? Kamatis, asan ka na?
  16. I wonder how things will go if I chose the other decision.
  17. I stepped on a sea urchin once.
  18. I wonder what will happen to Orion if Betelgeuse dies.
  19. Dear Anonymous, Can we start over again? ~Me
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