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  1. conaner forever :D <3

  2. i rlly hope the upcoming episodes won't be boring like the last ones :(

  3. NOT QUITTING NOW dc became like a part of my life i will keep reading watchin it, then re reading and rewatching, i think i watched the 700+ episodes for three times at least
  4. i'v just watched it and i loved it, the case was a bit boring for me thoguh cause i couldnt understand some terms
  5. hello missed u all :)

  6. is ( the framed great detective ) aired or not yet ? it was supposed to be aired on saturday

  7. welcome back forum i missed you :D

  8. i look at pictures of japan all day and loving it more <3 my dream is to live in japan

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    2. Alpha the Errorist

      Alpha the Errorist

      Well, I do know it's really hard.

      I teach Japanese to a senpai at school :V

    3. TheLover


      I have many background of japan in my computer, they're really amazing.

    4. TheLover


      There are many videos in youtube and websites which learn japanese, but learn japanese with a teacher is better.

  9. to everyone who isn't egyptian consider yourself lucky :(

  10. happy feast dear conaners :)

    1. Arima


      Eid Mubarek!

    2. Biomac



      And nice new avatar just saying X3 !

  11. lets take a moment and think about how epic is akai shuichi :D

  12. ara ara , chekhov knows everything
  13. guys , in episode 259, haibara asked conan if he feels someting strange about james black , he said no but his first name, is just like professor james moriarty, sherlock holmes biggest enemy , i don't why i felt its an obvious hint that he might be the boss , since conan is the heisei holmes , anyway does anyone know how did conan know akai shuichi's name? in the anime he saw him once in the bus ,then in that episode he already knew his name
  14. it was obvious even before the mystery train arc , i mean would gosho bother creating a character as powerful as akai, with such background and intelligence almost equivalent to shinichi , and kill him? just like that cause gin wanted to ? oh no he wouldn't , we've been good to gosho and waited for what seems like an eternity without complaining he wouldn't kill akai, i will be mad like hell
  15. i have a question , in episode 76 : conan vs. kaito kid , it was supposed to be the first time for conan / shinichi to meet kaito , he said he isn't interested in thieves , and then he saw him for the first time at the top of that building, but in episode 219 , shinichi was trying to capture him ,and he seemed to be well aware of his inteligence and such , so is that a plot hole or what ? or they wanted to make a special so they ignored the old episode ?
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