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  1. And now I add Like me, he was betrayed by his so-called best friend, and it stings for both of us.
  2. No, that's not it. Hiroshi was there. I don't think think Hiroshi was there in NB murder case. There was also something like a zepellin and it was heading west. I even have this image I found in amv.
  3. The Scarlet return arc episodes tops all. I love Shuu-chan's gamble against Bourbon.
  4. I remember the episode where someone was gonna throw Conan out of the window. Which one is it?
  5. And then Mr. Grumpy had him killed.......
  6. Episodes 522, 523 and 524 original. Poor Shin sure had a hard time in those.....
  7. Like the title says. For me personally, it's the MC, especially in
  8. Doesn't change the fact that I hate him. After all, he ruined the lives of my favorites, who are on the list I provided.
  9. I still hate Gin, the wrecker. List of his victims - Shinichi (and by extension, Ran and a whole bunch of other people as well) - Shuuichi and Akemi (and by extension, Sera and Ai) *also he forced Kir to do this* - Ai - Vermouth *he placed a gun onto her hand even if she was his boss' favorite, doing that means he is serious about really killing her eventually, without fearing reprecussions. - Kir Three of the people on this list are already dead or thought as such, and the fact that he is willing to off the only three people in BO who are on Shinichi's side makes him a psycho. He is the one who ruined Shinichi's life in the first place, and I hope that Conan watches him die while feeling happy. I mean, it's only fair.
  10. The person I hate the most is Gin, for obvious reasons. He hurts my two favorites and stands in their way to freedom. Gin is a demon in human body. Only a demon would separate those two.
  11. I am looking for the episode where Ai turned back into Shiho and went to some building and Gin was waiting for her and Conan hid behind the wall and helped her escape.
  12. Nah, those were different. I think that they're some sleeping drug in capsule mode. His wife took them and went to sleep.
  13. Yes, I know, but what were those pills then?
  14. I have a question. Yusaku said he had some pills from BO in episode 43, but since he was Yusaku, there is no way he could have had them. So what were those pills he had?
  15. Hi, I just started watching the anime and I really like it so far.
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