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  1. As we all know We all use google And it's Gives Almost every Info we need So what did you Google Last ?
  2. As the title say's kiss or kick the above poster for any or whatever don't care if it's absurd go Wild People XD
  3. aika

    Your latest Buys

    Post your latest buys here A new set of headphones and a top up card for my cellphone.
  4. Basically List of manga you think are good enough to see as a anime Like many good manga's purpose of the thread is as clear Many good manga's that were not in light of many people. we probably will have a good read , And will be of use during boring times. List of Manga 1) Gamble FISH 2) Doubt! 3) Doubt 4) Kuroko no Basuke 5) Eden no Ori 6) GKid-chan (seriously try to search this) 7) Hanazakari no Kimitachi he 8) GE - Good Ending 9) Gamaran 10) Fantasista 11) Liar game (Has a drama not anime) 12) psyren 13) mysterious girlfriend X (try this I strongly recommend this) 14) ryuuji 15) kimi no iru machi 16) sankarea 17) Hell kitchen 18) Pokespecial (It might get anime after current season) 19) id 20) Beauty pop 21) 7seeds (really awesome) 22) world embryo 23) yureka (Good If you like MMORPG) 24) open sesame ( superb )
  5. Liberta and nova are perfect yaoi couple i don't need to interfere Kicks pikachu don't use thunderbolt on me :rage
  6. aika

    Hiya! Tohsaka is one of my fav,Nice to meet you. ~Aika

  7. Four Months inactive certainly DCW seems all new O_O;;

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      Well Good to be back.see you later then :) bye for now. Got lots of work T_T

    3. Lovestruck
    4. akaisera
  8. aika

    Bakemonogatari /nisemonogatari

    I was shocked to see one of the best Anime's Didn't even Had a topic made . ANN link too both. bakemonogatari
  9. aika

    Good Old Cartoons

    Does any one here remember good old scooby-doo and popoye and johhny bravo ,dexter ? Refresh your memories here .
  10. aika

    The Top Coolest Female Anime/Manga Character Poll

  11. aika

    Bakemonogatari /nisemonogatari

    Novels are awesome as well
  12. well any way gotta go to sentou gakuen see you later.

  13. Coz of cricket matches almost everyday I never get to watch TV Or News thats the main reason and other is they never stop those matches dammit it's like one after other ongoing I am tired of cricket.

  14. option no 2) goes to tennis

    3) to hockey

    4) to basket ball

    no option for cricket.

  15. cricket maybe most popular sport in my country I hate it from bottom of my heart. since you say near it means either bangladesh or pakistan or china , sri lanka

  16. Are you sure you are not mistaking anything here??

  17. Hi^^ How are ya ?

    BTW did you watch yesterday's england vs nedherland friendly man robben made stunning last minute goal .

  18. aika

    What do you do in your free time??

    you stole my word.
  19. aika

    The Black Organisation club

    Me too. I'll join.
  20. ok ok I understand it's romanized hindi alright.