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  1. ^Black Organisation? I logged on here. Because reasons
  2. Well, I like them all except Fall. Dark, rainy and cold.
  3. Just thing that came in my mind. I was talking about smses with my father. And said that sms is quite Finnish thing.(false, but first GSM call was phoned in Finland. First sms was in GB). But he said that old NMT couldn't be used to send smses. And they used Pager. So what if they use pagers to inform their boss. I know nationwide use needs lots of base stations but Black Org. is big and they could do it. So this is just what came in my mind
  4. I haven't watched the trailer yet and I'm not going to do it. I hate watching trailers before I've seen the movie itself. And yes movie 18 got no mystery just conan-is-ninja-and-avoids-bullets-because-sera-catch-it-for-him. And conan is ninja. But what I'm waiting for (and probably my hope is too big), is no ran-is-idiot-and-can't-avoid-getting-into-danger-as-begin-ninja(like movie 17)
  5. Dude, you went to Mordor to get this threat? It's almost entirily older than me at the forum! Fear. I fear illness (not flu or something) and dying at young age
  6. AAAAAHAHHAAHAHAHAA! AAAAAAWESOMEEEEAAAAAWESOMEEEEE!?")¤//%)¤)#(# Best DC movie! EWAFH! I laughed like crazy and even the action wasn't too much. And the end wasn't about saving Ran. She was ok in this movie.
  7. Really, Ran is the most annoying character in whole series. And in movies, she got IQ of mosquito and is as annoying as one. (Mosquito. Heh.) And well Sera is ok. And even DB and Sonoko. But Ran. Raah. There should be character in movie 19 who is somehow close to group Conan, DB, Ran and Sonoko. And the could kill the one in movie 20. That would be something. Also, having Ran, Sonoko or DB as hostage is useless for plot as the can't die in movies. But hopefully in manga... Ran...
  8. I like most of the movies. Just watched the 17th movie and that is good
  9. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier: Is monument for soldiers who has had been left to battlefield, or can't been identified. It's also monument for all soldiers. Fact: Unknown Soldier (3rd of December 1954) is book written by Väinö Linna. It's story a machine gun company in Continuation War from point of view of ordinary Finnish soldiers. Most of upper secondary school student read it as part of literature class. It has two film adaptations and first film(23rd of December 1955 only year after the book) is most in theater watched film in Finland. After year 2000 it has been shown in TV every year on Independence Day of Finland.
  10. Washed our sauna. I also washed the stones of the oven and replaced ones not in so good condition
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