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  1. Thank you Akazora! At least one other has seen how shit the both candidates were. Personally I'm not ready to lynch Trump before he does something he has said he'll do, as come on. Who politician, running for president really has done what he has said he would do. I'm personally mostly concerned about the climate change and how'll Trump affect to it.
  2. AAAARGH! CINDY-CHEN'S GHOST! SHE DIED YEARS AGO! As I can't edit my post nor delete it, I have to write new one.
  3. I liked the first season. But second one was a bit forced
  4. Hmmm. This place looks different. And I'm happy to see active people here
  5. ^Black Organisation? I logged on here. Because reasons
  6. EBOLA-CAAAAN "Subscribe us and get Ebola" I dying
  7. Snow hype!! OMM- Haven't been here for long time as I'm addicted to DCTP. Almost a year. Here is a picture directly from my window
  8. Strange... When I was last time here. Well doesn't matter. I'll go back to DCTP!
  9. Greetings from army #justarmythings
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