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  1. sure!~:D nice to know you:D what should I call u?

  2. OOoohh....

    Well, I'm sure that if you linger around here and in the different forums(I recommend the forum game section and the chatroom) you'll find many great people to hang out with. ^^

  3. Pretty good~ I love my classes this year! ›˛‹

  4. Hi! No prob. Nice to meet ya.

  5. Hello! Thanks for the add (;

  6. Hello! And thanks for the add!

  7. Hello, rye-chan! Sorry for the late reply. I did not enjoy my time here (since I dont have much time to come online), but I wish I could spend more time with ppl around here :( anyway, how are you? .^^

  8. Well, I'll call you sera-san from now on :) anyway, how's everything?

  9. Been busy lately. So how's everyone? :)

    1. Rye


      Pretteh good~ Tho school's hard. :/

  10. Hello, again! How're you enjoying DCW so far? :D


  11. No idea. Whatever you want~ Some people just call me, 'You.'

  12. Hey there! Welcome to DCW :)

  13. Lol yep. So what should I call you? Sera-san? xD

  14. xD yeah, Easy to remember, too~ x)

  15. No problemo. Anyway, thanks for the greeting!

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