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    scar akai I don't know but why did he hide from sera ?
  2. I guess I 'll take your advice and sleep see you later bye :)

  3. Nah I am tired about to fall sleep on my desk.

  4. I found out I am half dead .
  5. yes. I have watched/read those but I couldn't recall that moment. There are more movies like that great one's ,RAN - 1985, Throne of blood - 1957 by Kurosawa also by him harakiri (seppuku) really awesome ,old but awesome , The film by his rival or you can call him second best director after kurosawa .masaki kobayasi his film samurai rebellion ,I loved the edo-era setting in that movie. there are many more I can't recall all of them right now though. hey I suggested it with whole lot of big list original title is rurouni kenshin.
  6. It is 1604, four years after the Battle of Sekigahara, perhaps Japan's greatest civil war. The people try to recover from its aftermath and enjoy the newly attained peace. Amid such times Shiina Yuya, a roughneck girl who earns money by capturing outlaws, mistakes a roaming and peace-loving medicine seller Mibu Kyoshiro for the legendary wanted man "Onime-no-Kyo." But she soon realizes that she is wrong when she sees that Kyoshiro is just a weakling. Nevertheless, she ends up capturing Kyoshiro After a while it gets different But I don't wanna spoil too much. As a samurai fan and kendo practioner myself i recommend this.
  7. It's one of the best comedy you know. Well i'll try recall some after wards Gotta go See you later bye :)

  8. welcome to DCW :)

    Feel free to ask anything and have fun :)

  9. well lucky star is the best one to start.

  10. Comedy is mostly is many anime's now a days. it's became common.

  11. Ah I Forgot samurai deeper KYO One of the best samurai anime's ever. I found One documentry video too.
  12. Good Then I don't Have to worry About psychological problems arising, Just kidding Have fun

  13. Sola art is better in anime and Warning it's complex.

  14. Thanks There is also anime Samurai 7, rurouni kenshin jubei-chan,jubei chan 2, Asu no yoichi , Main one Afro samurai TV series and Afro samurai Resurrection movie Hyoge mono Hidamari no ki House of Five leaves. kazemakase tsukikage Ran Kenyu densetsu Yaiba peace maker kurogane. Thats all I can recall at the moment.
  15. I have many more I 'll tell after you check those out.

  16. * raises hand to join the club BIG katana fan. Ah as for samurai anime There is Samurai X Kenshin
  17. aika


    I play most commonly taught one's piano,violin and guitar.
  18. I have some already how about

    Ayashi no ceres , or sola as next I prefer sola if you have seen kanon it's by same person.

  19. yep college life is tough I wish for my school days to came back.

    tragic romance tuff call Let me think I have seen over 200+ anime's so i will come up with something in matter of time .

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